The 5 Stylish Winter Outfits For Men For The Season.

Finding suitable winter outfits for men can become an impossible mission. If you are not clear about some men’s fashion ideas, check the latest collection by Schöffel collection and RM Williams.

The main objective? Find those masculine winter looks that protect you from the cold, provide extra style, and, in addition, make you feel comfortable without the weight of several layers of clothing on your body. Have a quick look at Barbour Jackets.

You should consider these five winter outfits for men for this season. Do you want to discover what Schöffel and RM Williams have for us? Here we go!

How do you dress to go to the office when temperatures fall? One of the most problematic winter outfits.

Yes, you read correctly, one of the winter outfits for men that gives us the most problems and headaches is, precisely, the one we wear to go to the office.
Finding the perfect balance to overcome the low temperatures outside and cope with the heating inside is sometimes complicated. And we understand how difficult it is to maintain style without freezing in the cold on the street and sweating like a chicken in front of the computer.

Putting together a comfortable, elegant, and suitable look to overcome the changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors in the coldest months involves giving yourself two pieces of clothing that will solve winter outfits for men once and for all: The Schöffel coat and the RM Williams shirt.

Regarding the Schöffel coat, we will tell you that not just anyone will do it. The idea is to eliminate the “layers” concept. Make your look consist of as few items as possible to lighten it and give you the versatility between indoor and outdoor spaces that you need. The coat you need should be consistent enough to be the centerpiece to defend yourself from the cold.

Our favorites? The ones made of pure wool – cashmere is always a plus – and with an oversized touch and a belt. Yes, just that type of coat that we told you about was among this season’s men’s trends. How right we were!


The RM Williams shirt is a grandma’s trick that, no matter how much it may put you off at first, we assure you that it will be essential in your wardrobe as soon as you try it.  With your style mantra, you are ready to overcome one of the most problematic winter outfits for men. Here is a winning idea!

  • Vintage coat
  • Under t-shirt
  • Chino pants
  • Shirt
  • Sneakers

How to dress for a meet-up with friends the winter looks for men that interest us the most!

It’s less problematic and formal than looking for the right looks to go to the office, but that doesn’t mean we’ll pay less attention to it. Meeting your friends for lunch on a cold winter Sunday is the perfect opportunity to tell the world, “I have my looks under control.” Do you want to know how to get it?

We are going to focus on Barbour jackets. Once again, one of the trends that has been going strong is nineties fashion. If in our winter look proposal to go to the office, we opted for the colors white, blue, and brown. This time, we will opt for the range of another of the very trendy colors: military green. Pay attention because this look promises!

Choosing the right clothes

A man’s wardrobe should be very versatile. Having the right clothes will help you create countless outfits that will be appropriate for every occasion. Basic garments, such as men’s jeans and polos, are always perfect. Creating a wardrobe often depends on age and tastes; however, other pieces at Schöffel should always be there, such as suits or a good pair of shirts.

Buy your basics

As we already said, look at RM Williams garments for men. The idea is to be able to find versatile pieces that allow you to create many outfits in addition to having the characteristic of being timeless. Some of them are:

  • White shirts are an item of clothing that you simply must have. It is perfect for both sophisticated and informal styles.
  • Jeans: this garment is one of the most universal; there are many styles, so finding the right one will not be difficult.
  • Polo: an excellent option for a relaxed style without being sporty. It goes well with both shorts and jeans.
  • Plain T-shirts: T-shirts work for everyday wear. They come with a sweatshirt that is perfect for cold weather and is great for hot seasons.
  • Casual pants: opt for dark or beige ones with Barbour jackets; these are more versatile and easy to combine.

Think about how versatile the basics are when selecting your wardrobe. Yes, combining that garment with others to create different styles is possible, and you should not stop asking yourself if it is something you would wear. Well, if something is fashionable but doesn’t go with what you like, it’s better not to wear it.

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