Test Requirements by Study Abroad Consultants in Kolkata

Test Requirements by Study Abroad Consultants in Kolkata.

When it comes to fulfilling the dream of studying abroad, students must have knowledge of the various tests. Getting admission to the dream college can not be possible without taking one exam. Although, scholars do not know about the test requirements. So, they prefer to get help from Gradding.com study abroad consultants in Kolkata. It is because the experts know all things about the tests and guide students effectively. Apart from this, students should have knowledge for the exams to get admission to the desired college. 

Thousand of students every year attempt to go abroad. However, not every scholar makes their dream into reality. It is beneficial for scholars to know the test requirements when they decide on college. Doing this helps learners to grab knowledge and ease the journey. Also, they can get support from the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata. The experts are well aware of the whole process, including tests requirement. So they can smoothly guide scholars to prepare for the exact exam according to their program and university. 

Students who have a dream to study abroad must have knowledge of the test requirement. It is because this is necessary for scholars to know the process and ease the journey for the rest process. To ease the process for learners, the below section provides the information for studying abroad.

Number of Tests Required for Studying Abroad

Knowing about the various tests and their requirement is necessary for students. It can be valuable for them to understand the process for the one which they have to take to get admission to the desired university. Thus, they can get help from study abroad consultants in Kolkata to get over this problem. It is because the experts are well aware of every test and guide scholars to achieve better scores and institute. Read the below section to learn about the number of tests required for studying abroad. 

English Proficiency Test 

When it comes to studying abroad in the desired nation, students have to consider the English proficiency test. They have to participate in such exams to show their skills and ability in English and aptitude. For that process, many learners prefer to take the IELTS exam. It is because this test is widely accepted by most countries and colleges. 

Students who completed schooling and graduated can apply for the test. Also, scholars have to score a minimum 6.5 band score to be eligible for admission to the known university. This exam lasts for 2hour 45 minutes so learners have to prepare accordingly. Thus, they can easily pass this test with the proper preparation. It can be valuable for them to stick to the process to get admission to the desired college. Apart from the language proficiency test, there are various standard exams available to get entry to the dream institute.  

GRE ( Graduate Record Examination)

GRE is one of the most popular and widely accepted tests for graduate and master’s degrees. Students who desire to study abroad for a doctoral degree can attempt this test to get admission to their dream college. If they do not know the process, they can rely on the overseas education consultants Kolkata to pass the exams smoothly. The experts are well aware of the process and guide to clear the test. 


The GMAT is designed for MBA candidates who want to pursue a degree abroad. It can be valuable for those scholars who passed their bachelor’s and trying for the management course. Also, doing this program can help students to achieve admission at the top management college. The GMAT exam varies from 200 to 800 marks, and most institutes accept a minimum of 650. So, learners should prepare accordingly and achieve the best with the help of study abroad consultants in Kolkata. 


The SAT exam is designed for undergraduate and PG students who want to pursue their higher education from abroad. Thus, it can be valuable for scholars to achieve higher scores in that exam to get entry into the best college. Both tests have set different marks, and learners should score minimum marks to ensure the admission to the desired college. If they want to secure their seat, they can get help from consultants to ease the exam with their tips. 

These are some of the popular exams students should know before they start their preparation to go abroad. Following this can help them to secure a seat without facing issues in thinking about how to prepare. 

In Conclusion

The number of candidates who desire to study abroad is increasing year to year. Also, it has seen immense growth in the number in the past few years. Students should have knowledge of the various tests to execute their dreams. If they feel confused, they can get help from overseas education consultants Kolkata to ease the journey. It can be fruitful for such scholars to gain entrance to the desired college. The reason behind that is the years of expertise of the professionals in this field. 

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