Techniques to Avoid Facing Wavlink AC1200 Setup Problems

Many users have been complaining that they are experiencing the Wavlink AC1200 setup issues. In case you have recently purchased a Wavlink AC1200 wireless range extender and are about to set it up but are afraid that you might get stuck with installation issues as well, then know that we will not let that happen with you.
In this article, we have talked about various methods following which, you will be able to keep yourself far from getting stuck with issues. Taking this into account, you should not waste even a single second more minute prior to reading on. Before you do that, see to it that you are reading the information given carefully to avoid missing anything important.

How to Not Face Wavlink AC1200 Setup Issues?

  1. Plug to a Non-Damaged Socket

Start by ensuring that the Wavlink AC1200 wireless range extender is plugged into a wall socket. One of the most important things for the setup process to get completed is an adequate and uninterrupted power supply and this is only possible if the socket has no damage to it. Thus, do as required. Along with this, ensure that the wall socket is located in the same room where the host router is kept for a seamless transmission of signals.

  1. Keep the Cable Connection Tight

Another important aspect to achieve Wavlink WiFi extender setup success is to connect the WiFi devices properly. If you have chosen to use a cable to connect them, then ensure that it is non-damaged. Also, the connection which you will be establishing should not be loose. You can assure this if you hear a click sound after plugging the cable into the ports as it will act a sign that the connection has been made tightly between the wireless devices.

  1. Use the Right Web or IP Address

Many users commit typing errors while entering the web address in the address bar or URL field of the internet browser thereby forcing them to get stuck with the Wavlink AC1200 extender setup issues. To ensure that you do not land amongst them, take our advice and use the right web address. In case does not work for you, use the default IP address of the WiFi range extender for the same and keep the same precaution in mind.
Note: In case you are not sure what is the IP address of your wireless extender, then you should read the information given in the user manual.

  1. Put an Upgraded Browser to Use

When was the last time you upgraded your most used browser? Been too long? Well then, without giving it a second thought, you should upgrade the browser to the latest version. Once you are done doing so, make it clean. Do not get started with a cloth of course for this. Instead, make it clean from cache, cookies, and browsing history by accessing the settings menu. Trust us, this will surely help you to prevent experiencing setup issues.

  1. Make the PC Have Internet Access

Check whether your client device, which is the computer has internet connection. In case, it does, well and good. On the off chance, it does not, you should try to connect it to the WiFi right away. For this, make sure that the WiFi password which you will be entering is correct. Additionally, see to it that you are trying to connect your client device to the network of the Wavlink AC1200 extender and no other device.

The Conclusion

Here ends the guide based on what can be done to prevent Wavlink AC1200 setup issues. We hope that now you will easily be able to set up your range extender. By any chance, if you still somehow manage to get stuck with issues, it is recommended that you opt for another method to configure your networking device.
For example, if so far, you have been using the manual method, then do not think twice before putting the WPS method to use. In case you are not sure about the execution of the process, then you may go through the instructions given in the user manual of your networking device. It would have come with it when you purchased the device.

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