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T,C&A Lab Demonstrates Expertise and Effectiveness for Packaging Materials Testing

Solid and reliable packing is an integral part of product supply. Very recently Alfa Chemistry’s testing branch – T,C&A Lab announces to offer a variety of effective analytical testing services for packaging materials made from paper, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and many other sources.


Since its establishment, T,C&A Lab has been focused on helping a diverse base of customers solve their varied testing needs. With advanced facilities and testing expertise, the packaging experts at T,C&A Lab can handle not only simple material assessment, but also the most demanding and complicated technical issues.


The biggest benefit of packaging materials is to protect products from damage or degradation during transportation and distribution. Different packaging materials are suitable for different products. “For manufacturers, our specialized testing report can help them better demonstrate the quality, suitability and compliance of their packaging materials to regulatory standards,” says a senior scientist from T,C&A Lab.


The packaging materials testing range of T,C&A Lab covers:

Paper packaging materials

Plastic packaging materials

Composite flexible packaging materials

Metal materials

Ceramic materials

Glass materials

Wood materials

Stamping materials

Hot stamping material

Adhesives, coatings

Packaging auxiliary materials


To test the mechanical properties of packaging materials, compression test, tensile test, vibration test, drop test and heat seal integrity need to be conducted. Similarly, to get a clear picture of the physical properties of packaging materials, tests like thickness measurement, gloss detection, leak testing, water vapor transmission rate, gas permeability testing are carried out. Soil burial method, microbiological degradation test, and enzymatic degradation test are used for biodegradability testing, while differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, and thermomechanical analysis all belong to the category of thermal analysis. Besides, chemical ingredient testing mainly focuses on the testing of any possible chemical migration from packaging materials to products, which is particularly important for food packaging.


The whole testing process is conducted under the guidance of various regulations, such as ASTM D695-15, ASTM D3410/D3410M-16, ASTM D6641/D6641M-16e1, ISO 604:20, ASTM D3580 – 95(2015), ASTM D999 – 08(2015), ISO 8318:2000, ISO 2247:2000, ASTM D880, ASTM D4003, ASTM D5277, ISO 2244:2000, ISO 2248:1985, ISO 13355:2016.


Please visit to learn more about T,C&A Lab’s packaging material testing capabilities.


About T,C&A Lab

The testing, characterization, analysis and interpretation of materials can give supporting evidence for product developers or consumers. T,C&A Lab is uniquely positioned to give insightful suggestions on various material testing projects and also helps to materialize these testing assumptions. Currently, the lab is centered on the analytical testing of materials like rubber, plastic, textile, metal, ceramic, glass, coating, wood, building material, automotive component, electronic, paper and cardboard, cosmetic, packaging, medical device, pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, nonwoven material, resin, leather, ink, adhesives and surfactant.

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