Step-By-Step Method of Activation Process of Vudu

Vudu activation using the activation code is an effortless experience ensuring access to Vudu’s extensive content selection. Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete this activation:

Accessing the Activation Page

  • On any device that is compatible with Vudu, open the web browser and type ““ to go to the activation page.

Entering Your Activation Code

  • On either your television screen or the interface of your chosen device (Roku, Apple TV), the activation code should appear as a unique combination of letters and numbers, such as ABC1234.
  • Ensure you enter an activation code exactly how it is displayed on the device. Focus on both letters and numbers when entering your activation code.
  • Once complete, look out for and click the “Submit” button to finish activation and complete this process step.  

Logging in to Your Vudu Account

  • Login requires you to enter your Vudu credentials. Log into Vudu by clicking “Sign In” from its homepage. Only existing accounts can enter codes into Vudu. To create an account, if necessary, click the “Create Account” link.  

Verification and Confirmation

  • start code will process and verify all the details you provided – such as the activation code and account credentials – before giving an activation message confirming it as successful. The successful message states that the device is now linked to your account.
  • Once connected and active with Vudu, your device becomes easily accessible to all available content the platform offers for entertainment.
  • You can check whether this happened by opening the Vudu app and searching for TV shows or movies to play. If activation was successful, these should play without an error message!

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