Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an InvestFW Account

In the world of online trading, finding a reliable platform is crucial. InvestFW is a legitimate broker, offering a seamless account opening process. Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to creating your InvestFW account.

Step 1: Click on the “Open an Account” Tab

To kickstart your journey with InvestFW, navigate to the website and click on the “Open an Account” tab. A new window will appear, prompting you to fill in essential details such as your name, email address, contact number, and password.

Step 2: Provide Basic Information for Verification

Once your initial details are submitted, you must provide additional information for verification purposes. This may include your income source, tax payments, and other relevant documents. 

Step 3: Verify Details with Documents

Take the time to upload the required documents on the broker’s website and patiently wait for the verification process to complete. This step ensures the security of your account and compliance with regulations.

Step 4: Select Account Type

InvestFW offers flexibility with different account types. Choose the one that suits your needs, or opt for a virtual or demo account to practice trading before diving into the live market. 

The broker lets you choose between Silver, Platinum and Gold accounts, each offering different benefits catering to the needs of different traders. To gain the benefit of demo account, check out RCG Markets broker which offers demo account with unlimited trials and zero deposit. 

Step 5: Deposit Funds and Start Trading

With your account verified, select the desired account type and deposit funds. InvestFW provides a range of services to kickstart your trading journey. Now, you’re ready to explore the exciting world of online trading. InvestFW offers PayPal, VISA VISA SECURE MasterCard, SecureCode, Skrill, Neteller, SOFORT, Trustly and Mastercard as payment methods. 

Trading Instruments Offered by InvestFW

Dive into a wealth of market possibilities with InvestFW’s diverse range of trading instruments, ensuring a comprehensive trading experience.

Forex (Foreign Exchange): Seize opportunities in the dynamic Forex market by leveraging currency fluctuations to your advantage.

Indices, Metals, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies: Each instrument presents unique opportunities, broadening your trading choices. From indices to cryptocurrencies, InvestFW caters to a spectrum of trading preferences.

Features of InvestFW

Experience a trading platform designed with your convenience and profitability in mind, offering user-friendly features.

Fees and Charges: Enjoy the benefit of low trading fees without hidden costs. InvestFW operates on a transparent zero-commission model, allowing you to invest without worrying about additional charges.

Leverage: Amplify your profit potential with leverage of up to 1:30. While this tool enhances earnings, prudent use is advised to manage risks effectively. The leverage is relatively lower than other brokers, you can opt for Stock Market broker to access high leverage and secure trading. 

Deposit and Withdrawal: Streamline your fund management with hassle-free deposit and withdrawal processes. Choose from various methods, and the best part—zero charges ensure you make the most of your trading capital.

Perks of Trading with InvestFW

InvestFW not only offers a seamless account opening process but also provides several perks for traders:

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the platform is easy, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Diverse Range of Instruments: InvestFW provides a broad spectrum of trading options from Forex to cryptocurrencies.

Low Fees: Enjoy low trading fees with a zero-commission model, allowing you to make the most of your investments.

How to Choose a Forex Broker?

Navigating the vast landscape of forex brokers demands careful consideration. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision and choose the right broker for your trading journey.

Regulation and Compliance: Opt for brokers regulated by reputable authorities. This ensures adherence to industry standards, safeguarding your investments.

Trading Costs: Evaluate the fee structure. Low spreads and transparent fee models contribute to cost-effective trading.

Trading Platforms: Assess the available trading platforms. Opt for user-friendly interfaces and platforms that align with your trading preferences.

Instrument Variety: A good broker offers a diverse range of trading instruments, providing flexibility to explore various markets.

Leverage Options: Consider the leverage options available. While higher leverage amplifies profits, it also increases risk. Choose leverage wisely based on your risk tolerance.

Customer Support: Responsive and effective customer support is crucial. Ensure the broker offers assistance when needed, especially during critical trading moments.

Educational Resources: A broker providing educational materials enhances your trading knowledge. Look for platforms offering webinars, tutorials, and market analysis.

Security Measures: Prioritize brokers with robust security features. SSL encryption and regulatory compliance contribute to a secure trading environment.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process: Evaluate the ease of deposit and withdrawal. A broker with diverse and convenient payment methods is preferable.

Reviews and Reputation: Research broker reviews and reputation. Insights from other traders can provide valuable perspectives on the broker’s performance.


Opening an InvestFW account is a straightforward process that sets the stage for a rewarding trading experience. From a user-friendly interface to a diverse range of trading instruments, InvestFW caters to both beginners and experienced traders. Take advantage of the platform’s features and start your journey into online trading today.

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