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Specialized Shifting Stuff during Furniture Shifting in Kolkata

There exist two varieties of people during shifts who have two different ways of conducting furniture transition. One chooses DIY and another directly hires experts for Furniture shifting in Kolkata.

Whether you already hired a mover, looking for one, or seeking DIY; this blog would be highly beneficial for everyone. We’re going to tell you the special items or shifting stuff these expert transporters use while concluding furniture relocation. 

  • Furniture Blankets and Covers

To protect your furniture from scuffs, professionals cover it with soft blankets. For beds, sofas, and other sensitive items, they often use categorized protective covers.

  • Furniture trucks and wheels

Experts never go for bulky moving vehicles, they use strong, and volatile wheels or Trucks for loading cushion furniture. This saves a great amount of energy and makes the move secure and error-free. 

  • Tools for Disassembling and Repairing

Prepare a toolkit in case you need to disassemble or fix any furniture at the last minute. Tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and unique keys are required.

  • Floor Protection Pads

To prevent floors from being scratched, place pads under anything heavy. This enables movement without leaving traces.

  • Special sliders or strips

These special sliders and strips are widely used to move large pieces of furniture and other home stuff safely without causing any damage. 

  • Trash and cleaning supplies bags

With the help of trash bags and cleaning products, keep your old and new places clean. This aids in keeping you organized while you are moving.

So, these are some top and necessary items that make movers conclude such tough and heavy furniture shifting securely and with ease. Especially, if you’re hiring packers and movers in Kolkata, then you surely notice the above-mentioned shifting items in their inventory.

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