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Solis Tractor Price & features in India 2023 – TractorGyan

International Tractor Limited’s Solis Tractor brand is also known as Sonalika Tractors in India. In India, Solis tractors are part of the well tractor series. Solis Tractor is divided into three tractor series: S, E, and SN. Solis tractor is a winning combination of great style and high performance, providing farmers with a great user experience with all of its efficient tractor series. Solis offers 13+ tractor models in India, with HP ranging from 27 hp to 60 hp. Solis Tractor models that are popular include the Solis 5015 E and the Solis 4215 E, among others.

Customers appreciate the Solis tractor’s distinct design. Their tractor has cutting-edge features for the next generation. Solis tractors are cutting-edge machines with extremely low tractor prices.

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