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Six amazing facts that custom luxury gift boxes could be used for long term

A gift symbolizes the love and cares that one has towards someone. The feelings that determine a gift’s worth it evokes by the luxury packaging when the recipient opens it. People often keep the packaging to preserve the memory of the day, occasion, or person. Even when you present something in luxury gift boxes, you’ll have to make sure everything stays intact; otherwise, no matter how much effort you put into designing your luxury boxes, you’ll not deliver your desired gift to your loved ones. Quick five reasons why custom luxury gift boxes hold immense importance:

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  • They symbolize love and make every occasion special.
  • Your gift might not be expensive or unique, but your donation worth increases if it’s packed in luxury gift boxes. Even if it’s chocolates or truffles filled in a presentable and aesthetic way, it gives an impression of luxury packaging.
  • Gift boxes can be customized according to different occasions, which showcase strong emotions and input of one person towards others.
  • Luxury gift boxes wholesale accommodate a variety of products from truffles to shirts to perfumes.
  • The aesthetics of custom luxury gift boxes are relatively cost-effective. For example, by just using a variety of colors and ribbons like embellishments, you can make your gift boxes look trendy and impeccable.

All your efforts will not matter if you cannot guarantee the durability of your custom luxury gift boxes. Durability is an extra important factor on which your product safety is based. People often put a lot of effort into increasing their boxes’ charm and beauty, but durability or longevity is often overlooked. If you want to design explicit boxes with a longer shelf life and gain customer loyalty, keep reading out six amazing facts that custom luxury gift boxes could be used for longer terms.

1.      Quality comes first – use premium quality material.

No compromise is made in the quality of chosen products to make your luxury gift boxes wholesale. Your gifts will be packed, then transported to the retailers and then to the consumers, and then you will give them to your loved ones. That’s a long journey; hence your packaging should be highly sturdy and durable to withstand an external chemical and physical factors. Below, we list some common box materials used in wholesale luxury gift boxes.

  • Paperboard- There are numerous factors why consumers prefer paperboard. It is also called a folding carton. It’s cost-effective, environment-friendly, flexible, easy to use, and compatible with many printing techniques. More and more efforts have been made to improve the quality of the paperboard used.
  • Corrugated cardboard- It’s one of the most durable options available in the market. Adding security and layers of cardboard guarantees longevity as it tends to provide cushions to fragile products that need extra care. You don’t have to worry if your luxury gift boxes are corrugated cardboard.
  • Rigid boxes are thick paper-based boxes with chipboards wrapped in decorative specialty paper. It’s an expensive option but provides extra security to your luxury gift boxes. They are made with quality construction as these rigid boxes are structured with paper wrapped all over solid boards, and each panel is hand glued together to create an impeccable box.

2.      Additional materials to make sure your things are secured in luxury gift boxes.

If your products are packed like that and stored in a box, then your product is most likely damaged. Due to some extra space, it will most likely bape hoodie be hit by the corners of the boxes during shipment. Bubble wrap or packing foam are commonly used to ensure your item remains intact during shipment.

Bubble wrap is a sheet made with air trapped to cushion an item. With the extreme joy of popping up, they serve as a cost-effective material medium to provide safety. Packing foams can be used in a variety of industries as protective packaging. Use these additional materials to increase the longevity of your luxury gift boxes.

3.      Test your luxury gift boxes to ensure quality

When importing custom boxes, you should pay special attention to quality check control for checking design, appearance, and function. You should review the sealing method and packaging materials. Extreme temperature changes like excessive humidity can threaten the integrity of your packaging. Sealing, binding, and strapping techniques should be thoroughly inspected. For example, when using glue as a binding agent, use good quality glue to fix all flaps of your luxury gift boxes. Decide whether which product needs internal layers of material so that you leave no end in disappointing your consumer.

4.    Go for sustainable packaging solutions

Many companies are opting for environmental-friendly packaging. It’s highly cost-effective and durable to use. It’s also versatile to use and improves your brand image. It connects you with eco-minded customers trying to contribute to a green environment.

5.    Use explicit finishing methods

One way to protect and increase the aesthetics of your custom luxury boxes is to go for impeccable finishing methods like lamination, UV spot, and Varnishing. A laminated coating will provide your package with ultimate protection after you have done your artwork on the box. Gloss lamination is perfect as it gives a luxurious look and protects your packaging from dirt, fingerprints, and other markings. Lamination is also water-resistant, so it keeps your boxes moisture-free. It increases the strength and durability of custom luxury gift boxes.

6.      Opt for a safer transportation method

Use a method that involves fewer bumps or a journey with less contact with the physical environment. Road transport is a cost-effective option, but choose a covered vehicle. Air transport is the best option available, but it is expensive and only convenient for bulk delivery.

There’s no point in putting so much money into the aesthetics of a luxury gift box when your quality is just below the level. You don’t have to sell your product but achieve customer loyalty and build a brand image so that the purchase doesn’t stick to one, but several customers trust you again for their choice. With all these tips mentioned above, you can ace the Packaging industry. However, if you need help, then CLB packaging, with decades of experience, designs exclusive luxury gift boxes wholesale at the most affordable prices.

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