Should I Steam Clean My Rug or Dry Wash It?

Do I go out or eat at home? Should I stay or do I leave? Steam or dry cleaning of rugs?

These are all well-known inquiries that we ask ourselves often throughout our lives. No? not the most recent?

You may not have given it much attention in the past, but you now have a choice to make. Your excellent research abilities and this article will determine which of them will be crowned the winner. What is the best technique for cleaning rugs then?

Finally, depending on the kind of rug you have and how bad it is, you’ll have to choose between steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Dry Washing Your Rugs

A rug can be dry cleaned in a variety of techniques, some of which actually include the use of wet. This is different from steam cleaning in that it uses very little water to add to or remove dry chemicals. Here’s how a rug wash service near me can help you:


  • Affordably priced: Using rug washes and compounds won’t break the bank. If you use them sparingly, they’ll last a long time, and bonnet pads may be cleaned and reused.
  • Speedy: When compared to steam cleaning, dry cleaning is substantially faster. Your rug will dry quicker even if a small amount of moisture is needed because it won’t be drenched. Your rug will be suitable for walking on an hour or so after dry cleaning.
  • Variety of options: Your rugs can be dry cleaned in a variety of ways. If you do not have access to or cannot afford specialized equipment, your regular vacuum will do. You can save even more money by not hiring equipment or contacting experts.
  • Very effective: Because dry rug cleaning uses specially formulated chemicals, it is also more effective at removing stains.


  • Only surface debris and soiling are removed from your rugs with the dry powder cleaning process.
  • Unfortunately, this means that any difficult stains or substantial soiling are impervious to this technique. Also, not all chemicals react to this technique.
  • Extended chemical exposure.
  • Possibility of residual.

Steam Cleaning Your Rugs (Hot Water Extraction)

Using hot water, steam cleaning is a method of cleaning rugs. The rug is often treated with a detergent pre-spray first.

Depending on the method and kind of rug, some operators may then stir it up using a microfiber pad or brush.

Hot water extraction using a hot water extraction machine is the next step. With this, hot water is sprayed onto the rug and then sucked back up together with the pre-spray, dirt, and soils. It resembles a big vacuum cleaner but uses hot water instead of air.

Afterwards, skilled rug cleaning specialists inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the rug using a strong cleaning equipment.

The same equipment is then used to extract the unclean water and residues from the rug after any dirt and grime have been aided to release by the force (and occasionally by agitation). After that, the rug is allowed to air dry for a few hours.

Even while there may appear to be steam rising from the water, it is the water itself that is washing the surface.


  • Offers a considerably more complete and in-depth clean. Around the base of the rug strands, dirt and grit gather. When mixed with traffic, this results in rug wear. Steam cleaning is far more effective than other techniques at removing this embedded grime.
  • Eliminates spills and stains from the pile’s depths to reduce the likelihood that they will reappear.
  • Much superior to other techniques for getting rid of dust mites, allergies, and bacteria in rugs.


  • May leave the rug far more moist than other techniques. Every time, request an estimate because this differs by company.
  • The potential for rug damage from excessive wetness. Not the cleaning technique itself, rather operator error is to blame for this.
  • Typically, you must avoid the rug until it has dried.
  • Heaters should be on, and windows and doors should be left open to let more air in to hasten the drying process.
  • The need to relocate furniture prior to cleaning and replace it only after the rug has dried is a second drawback.
  • You need specialized tools for a deep steam clean. While you can hire steam cleaners, professionals will utilize the best tools and have experience working on your behalf.

What’s The Final Verdict? Steam Cleaning Vs. Dry Washing Your Rug?

Both methods can ultimately be successful, but steam cleaning requires a significantly longer drying time and might not be as successful as dry cleaning at removing stains.

When it comes to rug dry cleaning, this technique employs very little moisture, so your rugs will be completely dry in one to two hours and ready to walk on immediately.

If you’re still unsure about the best approach for cleaning your rugs, speak to a professional at a rug wash service near me right away.

Why Not Just Conduct Steam Cleaning and Dry Rug Cleaning?

The exceptional stain removal powers of dry cleaning are combined with the deep cleaning power of a hot water extraction steam clean to get rid of heavy soiling.

When a customer needs the cleanest carpet possible or the carpet is really soiled or neglected, the pros suggest a revitalizing clean. This can be the case in homes where infants are crawling around or if a person has asthma or allergies.

Looking for Rug Wash Service Near Me?

Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with your professional carpet cleaning, Toronto Steam N’ Clean, among many other cleaning services, offers experienced services for both residential rugs and commercial carpets.

The experts are more than pleased to assist you if you have any queries or issues. As a seasoned firm with over many years in the business, they employ both dry, low moisture, and steam cleaning machines. They first evaluate the rugs to determine which system is most suited for your carpet.

Contact them right away to get your carpet cleaning underway!

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