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Scam Alert on [BestAssistencia24] Boiler Replacement Service

In a shocking turn of events, a local resident recently fell victim to a scam involving a boiler replacement service provided by Best Assistência 24, formerly known as SOS Caldeiras. The victim, who had experienced successful assistance from the technician, Bruno Maciel, in the past, found themselves in a distressing situation when their boiler malfunctioned.

Upon calling Best Assistência 24 for assistance, the technician, Bruno Maciel, inspected the boiler and conveyed the disheartening news that essential parts were no longer available. The only purported solution, according to Maciel, was a complete replacement of the boiler. Trusting the technician’s expertise and previous positive experiences, the resident agreed to proceed with the recommended replacement.

In an unexpected twist, the technician informed the resident that they would need to directly transfer the payment for the new boiler to the supplier. Allegedly, Maciel claimed a lack of working capital and assured the resident that he would pick up the new boiler and promptly install it later that day.

In a move driven by urgency and trust in the technician’s professionalism, the resident went ahead with the bank transfer. However, the situation took a dark turn as Bruno Maciel vanished without a trace. The resident’s attempts to contact the technician were met with silence, and there was no sign of Maciel at the site for the promised installation.

Upon investigating the matter, the victim discovered a troubling pattern of complaints against Bruno Maciel at the former SOS Caldeiras, indicating a history of fraudulent activities. What’s even more alarming is the revelation that Maciel had merely changed the name of the company to Best Assistência 24, continuing his deceptive practices.

This incident serves as a stark reminder to exercise caution and thoroughly research service providers, even those with seemingly positive histories. Authorities are urging residents to report any similar encounters with Best Assistência 24 and Bruno Maciel to prevent further victims.

Company Details: A Red Flag for Consumers

For those considering engaging with BestAssistencia24, the following company details serve as a red flag:

Company Name: BestAssistencia24

Owner: Bruno Emanuel Maciel

Address: R DO OURO No. 449, 4750-486 Galegos (São Martinho)

Phone: 910 680 900

Website: https://www.bestassistencia24.com/

Facebook Profile: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id

Complaints from the Portuguese websites: https://www.tellows.com.br/

Victims sharing their experiences: https://portaldaqueixa.com/brands/bestassistencia24#google_vignette)

The local community is advised to stay vigilant and share this information widely to protect others from falling prey to such scams.

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