At Jos Family Law, we have a goal to impact your future positively by helping you make the right decisions. We understand the complexities and how sensitive family law cases can be. We also know the emotional distress and confusion associated with divorce. This is why, our Santa Ana divorce attorneys find the best possible solutions to protect your interests after you’ve separated from your spouse. We leave no stone unturned in maintaining your dignity, family, and lifestyle.

Our law firm caters to residents in Orange County, and we specialize in all areas of family law. Our decades of experience have led us to represent several clients from all walks of life, including wealthy families engulfed in a high-asset divorce. Our Santa Ana divorce attorneys have proven expertise when it comes to child custody and asset division cases.

Why Choose Us for Legal Representation?

Simply put – we understand the challenges you’re facing in your family law issue. Here are some other reasons to choose our Santa Ana divorce attorneys:

· Honest & Compassionate Attorneys

Our job is to present a clear picture of your situation so that you can make decisions for a brighter future.

· Seasoned Expertise

We have a thorough understanding of the law and can explain how it affects your situation and family. We have also gained valuable experience in all family law fields.

· Positive Case Record

We have guided several people to help them navigate the complex legal system and gain a favorable outcome in divorce. We can do the same for you.

Take Control of Your Future

Get in touch with the law office of Jos Family Law today by calling 714-733-7066 or sending an email to to speak to our attorneys today.

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