Safety First: Ensuring a Secure Study Experience Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting and rewarding endeavor for students aiming for top study destinations. Nevertheless, several individuals find the mere thought of studying abroad intimidating due to safety concerns in a foreign land.

As noted in the year 2022, more than 750 thousand Indian students were noted to be studying abroad. Furthermore, this number is expected to rise manifolds due to the immense benefits of studying abroad and also because appropriate safety measures are taken for international students.

So, studying abroad can prove to be an incredible learning experience for you, if you seek guidance from expert MSM Unify study abroad consultants and you follow some basic safety measures yourself. 

Consequently, in order to ensure safety first, here’s a blog by MSM Unify entailing key tips on ensuring a secure study experience abroad. Read on!

1. Be aware of your surroundings!

When you reach your destination, you are likely to get overwhelmed by the new surroundings, new people, and new cultures. While you are excited to visit new places, try different cuisines, and enjoy the new place, you may grapple with trust issues and safety concerns 

.For this reason, always stay vigilant! Familiarize yourself with your neighborhood, school surroundings, and the usual routes. Avoid taking unfamiliar or lonely routes, especially while traveling alone at night. Also, if you need to travel any day alone at odd hours, share your live location with your friends and local guardians. 

2. Stay safe at social events

While social events present a great opportunity to engage with local people, make new friends, bond with your peers, and immerse in the new culture, you must take safety measures. 

Don’t trust anyone too soon, and try not to be vulnerable. If you are a teetotaller, make sure that your drink is non-alcoholic. Also, if you have reached the legal drinking age, and you wish to consume alcohol, make sure that you consume within limits and stay safe. 

Also, always have a plan in place to go back home. Do not drink and drive, or take rides with strangers.

3. Do not share your payment cards with anyone

Payment cards are one of the most crucial assets in a foreign country, especially since you can’t carry a lot of cash currency with you. Payment cards are handy to make day-to-day transactions like in an eatery or a supermarket or to make considerable payments for tuition fees, accommodation rentals, health consultations, etc.

Consequently, it is crucial that you don’t share your debit or credit card even with your closest friend. Additionally,  while making transactions using your cards in a public place, beware of scams. Always ask for the payment receipt and verify the amount debited is appropriate.

4. Be wary of human trafficking

This is a concern expressed by students aiming to pursue courses at top study destinations. With all safety precautions taken by the destination country, the universities, and MSM Unify Consultants, international students don’t have to worry about safety.

However, as many students aiming for top study destinations express this concern, here are a few tips that you must follow to stay safe:

  • Do not fall for unrealistic job opportunities, offering high wages for simple tasks

  • Be wary of people who try to disassociate you from your family or friends

  • Report any cases of bullying to university authorities

  • Never submit your original identity cards like passport, or visa at any office impulsively

  • Always keep an emergency local number on your fast-dial


5.  Stay safe at home!

Even while studying at any of the top study destinations, ensure that you find an appropriate place to live in a safe neighborhood. So, research extensively before you finalize the location, take the help of MSM Unify study-abroad consultants, university counselors, or any student who you know is studying at the same university.

Ensure that the neighborhood is safe for international students. Also, select a place that has CCTV coverage and a proper security system to keep you safe inside your place of accommodation.

All these tips by MSM Unify consultants are practical and easy to follow. Study overseas consultants can help you explore top study destinations, the best international universities and courses, and safe accommodation options as well. With their expert guidance, you need not worry about safety at all.

Remember you are as safe in a foreign country as you are in your own country. You have to follow the same safety measures that you must follow otherwise as well. With a little bit of extra vigilance and care, you can easily immerse yourself in a new culture at a new location and build memories for a lifetime!

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