Ridge augmentation course

The idea for the Continuing Education Course Company came from wanting to take additional courses on Dental implant therapy, Periodontics, and Practice management and finding the limitation that when some of the ridge augmentation courses were being given I either had a full schedule and could not attend, or it was in a different state and I would have to take a week off from Practice to attend.

As a goal, we are offering courses that focus on implant therapy and periodontics as well as practice management because dental learning does not stop in a classroom. We as dentists in our offices utilize our skills daily to treat our patients.

Our goal became to make it accessible so people can log in and take the courses wherever they want while fulfilling their Continuing education requirements as well as being able to have it available so they can brush up on some topics that they might want to review before performing some of the procedures. The practice management courses from Dr. Pasco are there on the site to help dentists with topics that help with the profitability of their practices.

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