Residential Landscaping Trends For by 2023 – By Waterwise Landscaping Perth

One of the great benefits of more home time these past few years is the increased focus on our gardens. The beauty of escaping to a luscious outdoor area didn’t pass anyone by, with flourishing gardens becoming a staple of our locked-down lives.

At Waterwise Landscaping we believe gorgeous gardens should be accessible to everyone. The following key landscaping trends for 2023 focus on versatility, with each one applicable to small kitchen window-boxes or extensive backyards. 

Inspiring Landscaping Trends

With WA’s stunning weather, it’s no wonder we all crave an enticing outdoor area. Luckily for you, each of the following trends are aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance. All you need now is one the best landscaping companies in Perth to bring your vision to life!

1. Vegetable And Herb Gardens

Once you’ve created a functioning kitchen garden, you’ll never want to go back! The tasty rewards of having a herb and/or vegetable garden right outside your back day has never been more fruitful, with delicious ingredients to cook with and less money spent elsewhere. 

This return to simple living is feasible for gardens of any shape and size. Focus on planting in the appropriate seasons, and embrace the versatility of growing whatever food you want. 

2. Maximise Your Spaces

For those living in apartments, or rentals with limitations on garden upgrades, making the most of the space you have is a sharp focus. In order to maximise the square footage you do have, why not incorporate container or vertical gardens.

As well as minimising the amount of precious ground space used, these non-permanent additions are easy to shift should you have to move, or want to rearrange your yard. 

3. Eco-Friendly Upgrades

A growing concern over the environmental impact we have on this earth, as well as air quality and how it affects our health, means eco-friendly changes are at the forefront of landscaping trends in 2023. This might mean choosing only native plants that work for our climate and surrounding ecosystem, or choosing tough plants that require minimal water usage. 

4. Pro-Pet Yards

A huge percent of Perth homes include a beloved pet, and this number has only increased in recent years. In order to create a harmonious home for all residents, pet safe yards are one of the most popular new landscaping trends. 

From adding fences and animal runs, to non-toxic plants and dog friendly lawns, take your furry friend into consideration when upgrading your yard this year.

5. Entertain Outdoor With Ease

Hosting friends and family at home for a fun BBQ or chill pool day is nothing new to West Aussies, but investing in a versatile outdoor kitchen or comfortable lounge area is one of the biggest trends for residential landscaping. Whether this means adding an outdoor heater or cool patio bar, more stylish and elaborate outdoor setups will be seen in 2023. 

Choose Innovation With Waterwise Landscaping

This love for landscaping isn’t going anywhere in 2023. From practical residential landscaping to innovative new projects, Waterwise Landscaping are proud to be a leading supplier of sustainable, eco-friendly architecture and design to the people of Perth. 

Discover our extensive range of commercial and residential services, supplied by an experienced team handpicked by one of the best landscaping companies in Perth, or get in touch today to discuss a free quote, and how to incorporate landscaping trends 2022 into your home or building project. 

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