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The youth of India is adventurous and daring enough to ride bikes miles away to explore beautiful places. Rentop salutes the spirit of young travellers who always show keenness to enjoy the ride with passion. So, for those, our bike rental Bangalore is a unique online platform. We admire the confidence of riders by offering them affordable, high-end, and tailored solutions to make their travel remarkable. So, during your vacation in Bangalore, if you want to hit the road with a bike, you can contact us. It is extremely easy to get one as per your needs by exploring an assortment of rental bikes using the Rentop app.

Many reasons – one bike

As a passionate traveler, there are several reasons to consider a bike rental Bangalore for yourself. You can seek one after a hectic exam schedule to revive your mind. Also, you can consider hiring a bike to celebrate your anniversary through a romantic ride with your partner. Bike rentals are also available if you want to commute to local areas of Bangalore for routine work. Subsequently, Rentop is prepared to fulfil its commitment to providing you with the bike of choice. Regardless of the reasons, you can choose the rental fleet and can make your wish accomplished.

Book the bike of your choice

Rentop is the largest marketplace where you can find an endless range of bikes to rent. We are not just limited to the numbers, models, and types of two-wheeled vehicles. Therefore, you can unleash the adventure you want and can reach your goal. Take a look at our assortment of bike rental Bangalore to see what we are offering.

Harley Davidson

Rent a Harley which is known as a super bike to roam around the local roads and streets of Bangalore. You can consider riding this bike with a partner to explore different places in no time. Hire this superbike on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis at competitive prices.

Royal Enfield

If you want inner peace then pick our highly-demanded Royal Enfield Himalayan bike. You can book it and take a road trip to the mountains to admire beautiful scenery. You can also find various models of RE from us to make flexible choices.

Hero Splendor

You can switch to an economical bike rental Bangalore for a daily commute to work. Splendour comes in a normal range of two-wheelers with great mileage and comfort. Thus, you can hire one to ride for work and for business during your stay in Bangalore.


These are the gearless two-wheeled bikes which you can book using the Rentop app. You can beat the traffic using these bikes since they are easy to drive. Also, you can save more by renting these bikes to meet your needs.

Henceforth, Rentop brings you a remarkable approach to bike hiring to make your trip enjoyable. These are the perfectly maintained vehicles we offer in a vast assortment. So, you can make a preferred choice to ride on the road in full action.

Bike rental Bangalore – Your expectation, our commitment

  • Rentop is your one-stop solution for all motorcycle rental services. Working as a leading bike rental company, we strive to become highly responsible for maintaining our gleam. Therefore, we have experience and resources to help you get any kind of motorcycle rental. You can count on us for quality, transparency, and professionalism for bike rentals. We offer bike for rent in Bangalore at competitive rates and provide quality bikes to enhance each and every road trip.
  • Moreover, every rider has their own driving likings and dislikes. So, by keeping in mind this factor, we have added an enormous variety of two-wheelers. You can hire high-speed bikes like Harley, Royal Enfield, Yamaha FZR, Suzuki, etc. from us. We also have mileage bikes such as Platina, Pulsar, and Splendor at your service. If you prefer gearless bikes, you can switch to our range of scooters which are Jupiter, Vida, fascino, access, maestro, etc. Rentop has experienced staff who are ready to meet your needs and you can seek economical options for bike rentals. We offer economical solutions to your bike hire needs and we are confident to make it a worth for you.
  • Bike rental service by Rentop is the next big thing for the Tier-1 city of Bangalore. It is undoubtedly the most visited city which is packed with high traffic density in peak as well as odd hours. The city never sleeps as people enjoy the nightlife in Bangalore to give themselves refreshing and relaxing treats. So, hiring a bike would certainly facilitate you to enjoy travelling across the city without worrying about time. Using rental bikes, you can cut the annoying traffic easily to reach your destination. Apart from short rides in Bangalore, you can hire one for long rides to explore surrounding places.However, most visitors in Bangalore prefer bike rental Bangalore for a certain period of time. Since they don’t just want to end their travel fervour in a few days. Therefore, on your arrival, Rentop provides you with tailored bike renting options such as weekly or monthly basis. Thus, you can choose the term for bike rentals as per your preference. Oversee how Rentop can fulfil your expectations with bike renting.

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