Pros And Cons Of Different Siding Materials

Siding provides great looks to your home besides protecting your home from weather elements and other hazards. The material you choose for your siding is very important in ensuring its appearance, durability, and ability to protect your home well. Here are the different siding options explained with their pros and cons.

Vinyl siding
The most popularly sought after siding material, vinyl has a better appeal since it is inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to maintain. When compared with most other siding materials, the cost of vinyl siding falls on the economical side. Vinyl siding can retain its color and texture for several years without fading. Some good vinyl siding brands offer very long warranties on their supplies. Since vinyl is available in a wide range of colors and textures, you can hope to achieve the looks you are exactly looking for.

A number of homeowners are reluctant to go for vinyl siding due to its commonness. Many people want their home to stand out and hence do not want to choose them as they can easily blend in. Once another concern about vinyl siding is that you cannot change their color as they cannot hold paints. Therefore, at a later stage when you might want to change the color of your home, you have no option than investing in new siding.

Aluminum and steel siding
Earlier these siding options were very common. However, aluminum and steel siding are said to be unreliable for siding. Metal siding can invite dents like any other metal surface. Though steel can dent as well, aluminum is the most notorious candidate for this. Steel also rusts thereby losing its attractive looks and can also damage over time. Since there are a large number of other good options available for siding, very few sellers bother to sell them nowadays.

Other options to try
If you want to choose the most beautiful option for siding, natural wood can be the best option. However, most people might find it very expensive. If you have a liking for the looks of natural wood, you can try fiber cement as well.

Fiber cement siding is manufactured by fusing cement and fiber together. The product that results is extremely durable, resistant to fires, and can be designed to mimic different textures including natural wood.

The choice of the best siding for your home depends on several aspect. The right source to get the best advice on the right kind of siding for your home is a reliable siding company in your area.

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