Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse

Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse Specifications and Features – Tractorgyan

The Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse emerges as a stalwart in the agricultural landscape, offering an impressive 52 HP (38.8 kW) of power coupled with economical operations. Priced competitively at Rs. 8.10 – 8.40 lakh* in India for 2023, this tractor is a powerhouse in every sense, equipped with a range of features and functions, including the innovative Diesel Saver Technology for enhanced fuel efficiency and power generation. This robust tractor ensures efficient farming operations, combining flexibility, productivity, and ease. The Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse is not just about power; it’s about providing farmers with a reliable companion for their daily tasks. With Sensi 1 lift capabilities of 2000 kg, a helical bull gear pinion, and a 5-year warranty, this tractor is designed for consistent work and increased productivity. Under the hood, the Powertrac 50 Powerhouse boasts a potent 3-cylinder engine with a displacement capacity of 2932 cc, generating 2000 RPM. This engine is the epitome of efficiency, delivering lower fuel consumption for prolonged and uniform tractor operation. The tractor’s high PTO power of 45.6 HP and torque of 205 Nm ensure optimal support for various implements, making it a versatile choice for agricultural tasks.

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