Pool Tables Market

Pool Tables Market Size, Share, and Forecast (2023-2030)”

Global Pool Tables Market.

Pool Tables Market is projected to be valued at USD 0.32 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 5.80% during the forecast period. Pool, also known as pocket billiards, is a subcategory of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails in which balls are deposited. Eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool, and one-pocket are popular pool games played across the globe. 

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The growing popularity of cue sports is a major factor responsible for the global pool tables market growth. The demand for pool tables remains high in developed countries such as the US, the UK, and Germany due to the high purchasing power and strong initiatives taken by various associations to promote the sport at the global level. However, the high prices of pool tables and the popularity of alternative entertainment options such as video games and mobile games are affecting the growth of the pool tables market.

Growth Opportunities in the Market

  • Rising number of pubs, bars, and recreational centers driving the demand for 7 ft pool tables: 7 ft pool tables, also called bar size tables, are specifically used in bars, recreational clubs, and amateur leagues. Cue sports such as billiards, pool, and snooker help in building focus and concentration and improve cognitive skills thus consumers, especially teenagers like to play these games at the aforementioned places. An increase in the number of sports halls and recreational clubs in developed countries such as the US and Germany is expected to drive the growth of the segment.
  • Multipurpose use of pool tables in households: The use of customized or hand-crafted pool tables for multiple purposes in households is driving the growth of the household applications. The need to save space and multiuse of pool tables for storage has raised the demand for customized pool tables in recent years. Apart from this, the demand for handcrafted, antique pool tables for home décor is driving market growth. For instance, Blatt Billiards Corp., a pool table manufacturer based in the US, offers a wide range of dining pool tables, antique pool tables, and handcrafted marble pool tables. These factors are likely to augment the pool tables market demand in the coming years.

 Key Players,Olhausen Billiard MFG, Inc. (US),Diamond Billiard Products Inc. (US),Rene Pierre (France),Chevillotte (France),Brunswick Billiards (US),S. Billiard & Pool Table (India),Legacy Billiards (US),Valley-Dynamo, Inc. (US),Blatt Billiards Corp. (US),Imperial International (US),Gabriels Billiards (Belgium),Riley England (UK),American Heritage Billiards (US),Maestro Nitschke Kozakiewicz General Partnership (Poland),Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. (China)

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