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The attraction of this horror game series

FNAF Games is a superb website about the Five Nights At Freddy’s game series in which you have to survive in five nights and protect yourself from animatronics.

Recently, horror games have become increasingly popular in the video game world. An outstanding example is Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 series. This game brings new gameplay to the survival game genre. In addition, the graphics and sound also satisfy all players. Playing in first-person perspective gives you the most realistic feeling.

Game music and sound effects

As you know, music and sound effects always play an important role in any online game. In the FNAF 3 Games, creepy sounds and haunting melodies will tremble even the bravest. They are cleverly used in all the right situations to make you feel trapped in a nightmare landscape. Sounds such as the hum of fans or the noise of cameras without human sounds make you feel tense and restless. The fear reaches its peak when you hear the heavy footsteps of the animatronics approaching your office. When experiencing this horror series, you will see the importance of music and sound effects in video games.

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