We believe that all of us have a special love for food. However, individuals may have different food preferences and tastes which entices their palates. But, when it comes to planning a party or get-together for dinner, being a host, you have to keep the food preferences of every family member in your mind. You can get in touch with Hads-Indian which is recognized as the best spots for dinner in West Allis to serve a variety of dishes for organizing Indian dinner parties. You can order the food whether it is Diwali, a birthday event, or a general Indian family get-together.

Have casual food choices

Do you want to arrange a tea party for the evening snacks and brunch? If yes, you can serve your guests with appetizers like pakoras and samosas. These are the most preferred items to be paired with tea and to kickstart the party. The best dinner delivery restaurants in West Allis can provide you with a wider assortment of vegetable pakoras, veg and non-veg samosas, chicken tikka, panner tikka, egg pakora, and French fries. These are the favorite Indian foods often considered for dinner among Indian families.

Main course choices

An Indian dinner party cannot be completed until you serve your guests the main course dishes. Therefore, you can bring a creative idea to add an item of gravy with a dry sabzi and curry. You can have a delightful combo of our kadhai paneer or Malai kofta with dry aloo Gobi or bhindi masala. Besides, you can add an item of vegetable curry to give your guests an extra choice of Indian spicy dish. You can even consider adding dal makhni to be eaten with naan, chapati, and tandoori bread.

Non-veg food options

For a full-fledged Indian dinner party, you can also consider some non-veg items to add to your menu. Our dinner specials restaurants in West Allis offer mouth-watering chicken and seafood items for dinner delights. We do serve fish curry, salmon, fish masala, shrimp kadhai, shrimp masala, and many more items. In our chicken section, you can check butter chicken, chicken do pyaza, kadhai chicken, chicken handi, and chicken curry. Adding a non-veg item would certainly escalate your dinner party arrangement to the next level. It gives an item to be served to guests who have non-veg food habits.

Drinks and desserts

You can order drinks and desserts from the best dinner restaurants in West Allis for serving guests with sweet gestures. We can serve you freshly prepared mango milkshakes, mango lassi, iced tea, masala tea, coffee, chocolate milk, and many more. Also, you can have a look at our dessert menu which contains Ras Malai, kheer, besan barfi, gajar halwa, kulfi, and ice cream. This gives a better taste to the guests in the mouth after finishing the main dinner course. Also, your dinner party would end up with beautiful memories that you have spent with loved ones.

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