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Pets are Not Allowed! Why do Packers and Movers in Patna Avoid handling them?

If you’re a frequent move, you often notice that the moving companies don’t allow shifting pets to any location. Even if you’re hiring the top-known packers and movers in Patna, the concern remains the same. They are merely abiding by the regulations; they don’t detest animals. 

But do you ever think about the core reason behind doing so? Are they not able or qualified to handle them comfortably? No! There are various other reasons for such exclusion. 

  • Pet Safety And Health Are at Risk:

The security and welfare of your dogs is the primary motivation behind this. Your loving buddy may experience stress, damage, or disease during travel due to the strange surroundings and such chaos due to moving the truck.

  • Absence of Especial equipment 

Taking care of pets during a transfer is more difficult than it may seem; it calls for facilities, training, and specialist equipment. If somehow a moving company takes responsibility to move a pet, they will need to appoint a caretaker for them. 

  • No Pet Insurance: 

The Shippers often provide insurance coverage for household goods, but this coverage might not include pets. There is no insurance defense policy to protect your lovely pets, hence no-one takes such risk to move them without it. 

So, what can you do now?

Nobody would leave their pet behind, and we are aware of how much you adore them. All you can do in a case like this is look for a reliable moving company during home shifting in Patna; such that they can carry your all other belongings safely, and you get full time or comfortability to gently take care of your toddlers. 

The Bottom Line

You might now grasp the core reasons why shippers don’t allow Pets in their moving venues. Eventually, it is advisable to look for some good movers and let them know about your concern. 

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