Persian Celebration new Year

ALANGOO is the first and only global exchange marketplace with a mission to provide a service for artists, artisans, designers, and artistic service providers with unique cultural backgrounds to present themselves to their diaspora. We are the platform where artists who come from rich cultures, different backgrounds, and all walks of life can sell their products and services worldwide. ALANGOO is spread from Los Angeles to London, to Istanbul and Yerevan.

A full, sturdy semi-jawed skull ring with anatomical details. Designed, sculpted, cast, and finished at the RockYourFingers facility. The Persian New Year is an auspicious occasion for both adults and children.

Persian New Year gifts include traditional clothing, food, sweets, cultural products, and exquisite handicrafts. Persian gifts for children and baby showers are popular and attractive.

You can also get the best deals online at top portals selling Persian jewelry. We sell Persian name necklaces, Persian-style stones, and Arabic calligraphy jewelry as a memorable Persian gift for that special someone.

Made of wooden toys Persian-inspired wooden toys are one of the best options as Persian gifts for babies who want to own an interest in Nowruz. There are no sharp edges or contents that can cause rashes. Like all other children’s toys, it need to be cleaned regularly, but regular cleaning will prevent dirt from accumulating on the wooden surface. , easy to clean.

Paint books and notebooks The Happy Shiro Corsid Notebook features patterned illustrations and is a gift your child will love for any occasion. They want to bring home Persian gifts, such as bright, colorful, and attractive notebooks.

Adams Khersi, Old Rokh, Persian Empire Hakhamanesh, Kilim Gol Goli, and Persian Celebration new Year Bahar are the most popular Persian style pattern illustrations that kids love to own their notebooks.

Shirts and Infant Bodysuits Available in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes, Persian-style baby shirts and beautiful Baby bodysuits can be paired with Persian name necklaces as baby shower gifts without wowing buyers.

Kids know what they want to wear and happy Nowruz-style Persian shirts and bodysuits with beautiful Persian calligraphy are sure to catch everyone#39;s attention when worn by little babies and toddlers as Nowruz Persian gifts. Will collect other popular Iranian artists’ gifts for children including snowman clutches, chokers, Yalda mugs, Persian name necklaces, Persian character dolls, Persian letter earrings, baby name bracelets, booklets, etc.

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