Paul Murdock

Paul Murdock: Rebel’s One-of-a-kind Miracle Blood

In a challenging world where people don’t believe in kindness and compassion anymore, Paul Murdock is a name of compassion who, with his writings, instilled the real meaning of Karma. Paul’s life is an indication of good; if you do good with someone, God rewards you with something good in return. It’s all a matter of belief and resilience.

Paul Murdock life was not free of hardships and challenges; he faced a great deal of misery that started at a young age when he underwent his hearing disability. At the beginning of his career, the foremost hurdle that he faced was due to his hearing and learning disability in learning vocabulary and numbers. His mild autism due to his keen interest in numbers led him to remain untouched by reality. He had created his own fictional world; he was living a half-real and a half-fictional life, which was too big of a challenge for him.

By the time he gained a real insight into the word Karma, he wanted to establish an understanding of it within his readers through his book. His words are a testament to his real motive behind writing a book that imparts the real knowledge of Karma. Through his words, Paul did a remarkable job and instilled the very importance of doing good and leaving it to the almighty. He focuses on nourishing souls and reminding them this world is mortal and that the real essence of kindness lies hidden and those who expect good from their lord don’t go astray.

Some of the incidents in Paul’s life influenced him greatly to establish an unshakable belief in Karma and pursue writing as a means to convey his message. When he was in grade tenth, he was working hard day in and out to pass his English correspondence. His repeated attempts at writing literature and poetry assignments played a crucial role in shaping the course of his journey.

Many incidents in his life caused him distractions, such as the scarcity of food and money, which would hinder him from pursuing writing as a career. After a number of trials, he recognized his path and continued on a journey of marvels. He believed that the words written from the soul have a direct effect on the readers. To prove this phenomenon, he embarked on writing books that showcased his commitment to his motive in life. 

The incidents in Paul’s life were enough evidence for him to believe blindly in the act of Karma. There were times in his life when people took great advantage of his vulnerable condition, once when he was going through psychological treatment under the influence of the two drugs that failed to give him the quality of life that he needed at that point in time. Despite multiple challenges, Paul Murdock didn’t give up. Instead, he used his trials as a lesson for others. He wants to feed the present generation with positivity and compassion that can cultivate a prosperous society and change this world into a land of kindness.

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