OBS Studio NVENC Error

How To Fix OBS Studio NVENC Error on PC

Open Broadcaster Software abbreviated as OBS is one of the leading applications for streaming or recording content and millions of people are opting for it globally to watch their favorite online content.  But just like other applications, it is not free from technical glitches that may hinder  accessing and encounters with NVENC errors.  

There might be a couple of reasons causing the error, including hardware and software incompatibility, limitations, and incorrect. 

To learn how to resolve the obs failed to open nvenc codec error issue read the post. We will enlighten you with the ways to fix the issue along with the possible causes of the issue.

Causes of OBS Studio NVENC Error

Before proceeding to fix the issue, you need to know the causes  of the obs nvenc error

  • One of the most common causes of the issue is an outdated version of the graphics drive.
  • There might be a conflict between OBS and other applications on your PC.
  • Too many concurrent sessions might be the cause behind the bug.
  • An unsupported device may be the culprit of the OBS NVENC error.

No matter what may be the cause you need to resolve the nvenc error obs, soon.

Ways to Fix the OBS Studio NVENC Error

To overcome the issue, first of all, end the task manager related to OBS services and disable the firewalls or antivirus installed on your system.  Now proceed with the troubleshooting steps 

1. Restart your PC

Sometimes, the minor bugs or glitches that may be responsible  for the error may disappear by just restarting your PC.   This may clear up the extra space used by memory and other applications, and refresh services & drivers to run the OBS smoothly.

2. Update your GPU  Drivers

Updating the drivers and applications will work well, helping the smooth running of OBS. To proceed with the updating procedure, you need to update other components and accessories of the drivers as well so that all the drivers work together properly.

3. Reduce the Output Resolution in OBS

As the resolution of the output is reduced, the amount of data required to perform the task will be minimized and help run consistently. Besides this, it also reduces the bandwidth required to stream live broadcasts or any content on OBS. 

4. Disable, the inGame Overlay like Nvidia and Discord

There might be a glitch due to the overlaying of Nvidia and the OBS may fail to start recording, which leads the conflict between the OBS’s ability to record with NVENC and NVIDIA.

In such instances,  you need to disable the conflicting apps to fix the OBS, and NVENC errors. If you have disabled the in-game overlay, then you need to make sure that there are no such overlaying apps or software installed on your PC. If any such applications, disable them to stream the OBS seamlessly.

5. Enable Quick sync to use hardware encoding

Being a video streamer, you just need a reliable and efficient encoder. Unfortunately, OBS NVENC is not the authentic encoder which may cause shuttering of videos and dropped frames. In such instances switching to Intel’s hardware-accelerated encoding technology QuickSyns will be the best bet for you.

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