Nearshore Staff Augmentation

A Guide to Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Today’s businesses rely heavily on technology to manage operations in order to maximize growth and expansion. But companies such as yours typically have to do more in competent markets to survive and grow than just utilizing the newest technologies. These days, it’s typical to use staff augmentation to fulfill your demands for software integrations, progressive platforms, or seemingly unreachable project deadlines.  

With this engagement model, which comes in two varieties—offshore and nearshore staff augmentation—you can recruit remote developers at your convenience from a variety of locales. Although we have already covered the former in earlier blogs, in this one we want to focus on nearshore staff augmentation. 

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?  

Staff augmentation enables businesses like yours to locate competent individuals or teams from IT firms for long-term IT project assignments. These augmented teams or individuals operate in the same manner as your own. Staff augmentation is especially effective when your in-house teams lack specialized skill sets or you need more people to tackle major projects and deadlines.  

Hiring talent from specific places or nations that are geographically close to yours is referred to as nearshore staff augmentation. Unlike offshore recruitment, this one allows you to hire professionals who are in your time zone and share your cultural values. 

For example, if your company is based in the United States, you should think about employing additional workers from Latin American firms. 

Collaboration with other teams allows you to provide extra people and exceptional abilities to your own team without the headache of traditional recruitment. 

7 Key Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

The fact that you can skip the complicated process of permanent hiring itself makes nearshore IT staff augmentation a favorite model. But you surely get a lot more with it.  

benefits of nearshore staff augmentation

1. Handle Skill Gaps And Staff Shortages 

Your in-house team is unquestionably exceptional. However, the demands of special projects, or an excessive number of tasks and deadlines, can sometimes exceed your available staff. Working with a nearshore team provides a dependable solution for meeting workforce requirements and completing pending projects without replacing your current team members.

Adding skilled individuals from nearshore partners to your team enables a seamless integration into your process. Their knowledge matches with your team dynamics, expertly managing varied personalities and work techniques that reflect the climate of your firm.  

2. Easy Access To Pre-Vetted Talents 

If you prioritize permanent recruiting, nearshore staff augmentation is a reliable option. It allows pre-screened, experienced, and trained developers to join your teams and projects. All of this may be accomplished without the need for months of interviews, background checks, and so on. 

You may integrate advanced technology into your team’s skill set while also ensuring that developers understand local work habits and cultural preferences. Even if your team currently possesses the necessary expertise, hiring experienced nearshore developers will simply add stars to your ratings.  

3. Cost Effectiveness 

While employing nearshore developers may not result in a significant price difference, nearshore staff augmentation is still a cost-effective option to increase your company. Companies like yours can save anywhere from US$ 5,025.74 to US$ 18,897.21 per person by using staff augmentation. 

Hiring permanent employees for temporary projects merely increases your liability in terms of wages and on-site training. Instead, opting for experienced developers from IT staff augmentation businesses like Narola Infotech not only allows you to hire when it is convenient for you, but it also saves money by providing reliable skills and a plan of action.  

4. Language Proficiency 

Linguistic difficulties frequently obstruct clear communication and collaborative work in remote employment strategies. Nearshore personnel augmentation, on the other hand, would not be the case. The pros are all aware of your linguistic and cultural preferences and, for the most part, excel at leveraging them to the best of their abilities. It is relatively easy for such teams or individual developers to integrate into your existing teams in order to achieve goals and show visible achievements. 

5. Time-Zone Alignment  

Nearshore staff augmentation, unlike the offshore model, does not necessitate extra effort from teams to ensure collaborative work hours. Because of the overlapping time zones! Even if you choose people from a neighboring country, the expanded team will most likely work from a location with matching time zones. This streamlines many plans and allows for improved task performance. 

In addition, nearshore personnel augmentation promotes collaboration that extends beyond time zone alignment.  Because of the close proximity, there is simple access and regular in-person cooperation, promoting a deeper sense of teamwork. As a result, it is a viable choice for companies looking for efficient and effective project execution.

6. Expedite Work To Meet Deadlines 

As previously said, staff augmentation makes it easier to fulfill tight deadlines by augmenting the team with experienced developers and other IT specialists. Unlike onsite, in-house hiring, which can take weeks or months, this technique saves you a significant amount of time. Because they are already a part of a reputable software development company, you may onboard a large team or individual talents with no documentation. 

When your team has several project deadline priorities, you can delegate duties to the remote team, freeing up your in-house team to focus on core operations and decision-making. As a result, both teams can work together to help you fulfill project deadlines and achieve your objectives. 

7. Customizable Team Extension  

While in-house recruiting appears to be best suited for long-term needs, nearshore staff augmentation allows you to discover a customizable extension for your team. You can scale your team as needed with this model. You can hire developers at your leisure, whether you have short-term or long-term needs; whether you need an individual developer or a full team. 

This strategy, as opposed to traditional on-site employment, saves a significant amount of time, effort, and resources. You simply have to pay the expanded team for the agreed-upon term or project and have the option to discontinue services when they are no longer required. After all, who wants to pay for extra workers? 

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Examples Of Companies That Chose Nearshore Staff Augmentation 

Some popular companies chose nearshore staff augmentation for their software development projects. A few of them are: 


Uber collaborated with a Latin American nearshore software development firm to supplement its in-house workforce. The team gave them access to a pool of competent developers with mobile app development experience. They were able to develop and launch their core mobile app on schedule and on budget.    


Netflix partnered with an Eastern European nearshore software development company to augment its in-house team of professional data scientists and machine learning engineers. Netflix’s recommendation system was built and deployed successfully. It has emerged as a critical driver of user engagement and retention.   


Airbnb hired software developers with payment processing knowledge through a nearshore software company in Latin America. Its global payment infrastructure has allowed it to expand into new markets and maintain its rapid development. 

Expand Your Team with Nearshore Staff Augmentation 

Both large and small businesses can benefit from nearshore staff augmentation in terms of meeting project goals in a cost-effective manner. Many firms may find it to be an appropriate alternative for streamlining procedures and accessing individuals with proven track records. But there are crucial roles to play for trustworthy staff augmentation partners, precise planning, and dependable direction.  

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