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Navigating the Process of Obtaining a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate


Are you planning to work, study, or move abroad? Particularly in a foreign country such as the United Arab Emirates, a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an essential document. Whether you’re a citizen, a resident, or a former resident residing overseas, here’s detailed information on how to get your PCC in Dubai.


The Role of PCC in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, a PCC, often referred to as a Good Conduct Certificate, is evidence of a clean criminal record. When relocating, icv certificate seeking employment, pursuing higher education, or doing business overseas, it is quite important.


Legal Importance

The PCC’s evaluation of relevance, eligibility, and integrity is mandated by licensing agencies, employers, educational institutions, and immigration authorities. It is legally necessary for several reasons, such as employment, education, immigration, and license acquisition.


Situations Requiring PCC

There are several instances in which a PCC is necessary, ranging from visa applications to employment applications. It can be requested by licensing agencies, employers, immigration officials, and colleges to confirm a person’s character and conduct.


Obtaining PCC in Dubai

Obtaining a PCC in Dubai is simple, whether you apply in person at service locations or online via the Dubai Police website. A copy of your passport, a valid Emirates ID, a letter certifying that you have no outstanding criminal convictions and a current passport-size photo are all required.


Application Process

There are a few different ways to apply: the Dubai Police Application, website, contact center, drive-thru and walk-in devices, Dubai Now App, and Smart Police Stations. The services are available round the clock, whereas the working hours are not fixed.

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Fees and Processing Time

The costs vary based on residence, language, and nationality. Cash, E Dirham, debit cards, and digital choices are all accepted forms of payment. The certificate is valid for three months after processing, which normally takes 24 hours.


Online Application

Through the MOI website or app, both residents and non-residents may submit an online application. A fingerprint card certified by the UAE Embassy is required for non-residents. The PCC can be delivered by email or hard copy, and it can be in Arabic or English.


For Non-Residents

Non-residents need to provide further documents, such as a fingerprint card certified by the UAE Embassy. Problems can occur and need to be resolved quickly; the PCC is normally completed in a day.


In conclusion, while getting a police clearance certificate in Dubai could appear challenging the procedure is made simpler with the help of this guide. This important document attests to your status both personally and professionally. Keep your record spotless and proceed through the PCC procedure with assurance.




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