fix QuickBooks error code 1406

Multiple Approaches for Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 1406

QuickBooks error 1406 is an update error .It can pop up abruptly and results in a sudden collapsing of QuickBooks. The main cause of this error is damaged installer, firewall issues, damaged Registry, etc. This blog shall take you through all the possible causes of this error and also the various solutions to fix QuickBooks error code 1406.


The principle factors leading to QuickBooks Error 1406

This QuickBooks error can be provoked by:

  • Conflicting programs in the background tampering with the update process.
  • QuickBooks installer is damaged..
  • Firewall is not configured properly.
  • Windows Registry if facing errors.
  • QuickBooks not installed properly.


How can I fix QuickBooks Error code 1406?

There are many solutions that can help in fixing QuickBooks Error code 1406. Follow each solutions carefully and implement each solution carefully.

Solution 1: Disable the antivirus software

It is a good step to disable the antivirus during the QuickBooks update process. The steps are:

  • Right-click the antivirus icon and then turn off the antivirus protection.
  • Run QuickBooks and try the update process.
  • In many cases the update runs fine at this stage.


Solution 2: Fix Windows Registry

  • Use the Win + R shortkey. It will open the Run box.
  • Now, type Regedit and then hit Enter.
  • This action opens the Registry Editor.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesiaSTOR registry key.
  • Check if all registry keys have Administrator access.
  • Also, look for Registry key linked to QuickBooks Error 1406.
  • Select it, then go to Help. Now, tap on Export.
  • Save the file with .reg extension.
  • Then run QuickBooks and try the update from Help tab.


Solution 3: Try the update process in the Selective startup mode

  • Click on Start and search for MSconfig and press Enter.
  • This will open System Configuration window. Here, go to General tab.
  • Click on Selective Startup and Load Startup.
  • Head to Services and here click on Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Disable the services and then go for a system restart.
  • Now, download QuickBooks updates from Intuit and install the same.
  • This should bypass QuickBooks Error code 1406.
  • After this, go to MSConfig once again.
  • Then revert back to the Normal mode.
  • If this process works for you, well and good. Otherwise, try the next solution.


Solution 4: Try the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool in Tool Hub

  • This first require you to download QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • After that open the tool and go to Installation Issue tab.
  • Now, click on QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
  • Let the tool complete the scan.
  • When done, start QuickBooks and check if the update process pursues without any error.


Solution 5: Update Windows

The walkthrough for updating Windows is:

  • Go for the Start menu.
  • Look for “Update”, and choose Windows Update.
  • Now, you need to click on check for Updates.
  • As all the updates show up, choose crucial ones.
  • These should include Windows components.
  • Start the update and when downloaded, restart the system to get these updates installed on the computer.
  • This should set up the QuickBooks updates running and also fix QuickBooks Error 1406.



This article encapsulated all the important methods to help you fix QuickBooks Error code 1406 encountered during the QuickBooks update process. If you have any queries in your mind, then reach out to out QuickBooks team at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.

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