Matexcel Offers Professional Testing Service for Textile

Matexcel, a biotechnology company specialized in material science, now offers professional testing service for textile to help customers with product testing.


With the advancement of society, people’s demand for textiles has expanded beyond the function of wearing warmth in the past, and consumers in various countries are concerned about the quality and safety of textiles. Before products can be sold in the target market, manufacturers must comply with the relevant regulations and pass the corresponding quality tests.


Matexcel provides complete physical and safety performance testing and chemical testing services to customers throughout the supply chain, backed by an experienced team of experts, fair and rigorous test engineers.


Customers can now select from a variety of testing services supported by Matexcel to meet their specific needs, such as fabric component analysis, fabric burning performance test, textile color fastness test, textile shrinkage test, fabric strength test, fabric density weight test, textile wear test, textile fluff ball test, Fabric waterproof performance test, textile formaldehyde detection, and so on.


A variety of physical properties of the product can be learned using textile analysis, including density, yarn count, yarn strength, fabric structure, fabric thickness, coil length, fabric cover factor, fabric shrinkage or weaving rate, curved deformation, tensile strength, tear strength, and so on. PH content, formaldehyde content, lead content, heavy metal content test, water absorption, moisture content, cotton mercerizing effect, hot pressing, and dry heat can all be determined using chemical composition analysis.


Apart from textile testing, Matexcel offers a variety of consumer and industrial product testing services to help customers navigate and advance the value and marketability of their products. Baby product testing, microplastic testing, electronic product testing, plastic and rubber testing, photovoltaic product analysis, building material testing, and other services are available.


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