Massive Monkees: Seattle’s Dancing Superstars!

Have you at any point saw an artist who seems to resist gravity? The Massive Monkees are all about just that! Since 1999, this very cool group of Seattle, Washington, break artists has been captivating audiences.

While the Massive Monkees have a long history and a large crew, the origin story involves two key figures:

B-boy Juseboogy

 A veteran b-kid from the Massive group, he assisted structure the groundwork of the Massive Monkees by converging with another unmistakable team, the All inclusive Style Monkees.

B-boy Jeromeskee

 Jeromeskee, otherwise called Jerome Aparis, is one more establishing part and thought about a main impetus behind the team’s prosperity. He is a well-known b-boy, teacher, and businessman who is still involved with the Monkees.

It’s vital to take note of that while these two were urgent in the good ‘old days, the Massive Monkees have consistently embraced a cooperative soul. Throughout the long term, various gifted B-boys and b-girls have added to the team’s development and achievement, making it something other than the amount of its pioneers.

More Than Just Monkeys:

Disregard bananas; these monkeys bring bananas-level energy to the stage! The Massive Monkees are a big group with 32 members, but they move together like clockwork to create amazing synchronized routines that will make you want to dance and jump up.

Champions of the Breakdance World

The Monkees are more than just good moves; They take their abilities seriously! In 2004, they even vanquished the World B-boys Titles, demonstrating they’re among the best break artists on earth.

Spreading the Dance Love

In any case, the Monkees aren’t simply support. They like appearance others how strengthened they are related with breakdancing. They move people to get up and move as they figure out beginning with one side of the planet then onto the following, from gigantic settings to city blends.

So be watching out for the Massive Monkees whenever you’re in Seattle. You could simply get a look of these unquestionably talented artists and their stunts that oppose gravity!

Fun facts about the Massive Monkees

They have imparted the stage to Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and different craftsmen!

They even started their own moving school in Seattle and told youths the best way to breakdance.

They act as a valuable delineation of how individuals of different ages and capacity levels might enjoy moving.

Get Ready to Monkey Around!

Envision a gathering of 32 artists who are moving as one while flipping, turning, and winding their bodies in manners that seem to resist gravity. The Massive Monkees are a Seattle-based breakdancing troupe that has been attracting consideration and leaving individuals wonder beginning around 1999.

Here’s why they’re more than just your average dance crew:

  1. Strength in Numbers: With 32 individuals, the Huge Monkees resemble a group of valiant artists. They demonstrate that cooperation makes the fantasy work, making marvelous schedules that exhibit their singular gifts while mixing consistently into a strong, brought together power.
  2. World Champions: These Monkees aren’t just messing about! They’re dead serious about their capacities, and they have the awards to exhibit it. In 2004, they vanquished the World B-boys Titles, setting their status as breakdancing prominence.
  3. Inspiring the Next Generation: The Massive Monkees aren’t content to calm with respect to their moves just. They will share their energy for breakdancing with others, particularly kids. They have opened their own dance studio, performed for kids in crisis centers, and shockingly showed the way that dance can give pleasure and solidarity to everybody.
  4. Breaking Barriers and Building Community: The Massive Monkees are some different option from a dance group; they’re a turn of events. They address assortment, imagination, and the power of self-verbalization. They’ve played out all over the place, interacting with people from different social orders and establishments and showing that dance is an overall language that can join us all.
  5. Bringing Breakdancing to the Mainstream: The Massive Monkees have assisted with bringing breakdancing out of the underground and into the spotlight. They’ve imparted the stage to music symbols like Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, displaying the physicality, imaginativeness, and soul of breakdancing to a more extensive crowd.

In this way, next time you see someone flipping completely around or freezing in mid-air, recall the Massive Monkees. They’re not just specialists; they’re pastors of an improvement that celebrates imaginativeness, challenges limits, and joins people through the power of improvement. Also, who knows, maybe you’ll be spurred to deliver your inside break-craftsmen too!


The Massive Monkees are an excellent option for a dancing package; they are a household name. Through the entire language of breakdancing, they have conquered the global scene, inspired an endless stream of young, highly skilled professionals, and aided individual challenges. When you hear that incredible beat, think about the Monkees and let go of your own monkey! Who knows? You could surprise yourself with how much you can do. Examine how the Massive Monkees demonstrate how everyone can move and how everyone is accepted on the dance floor. Go forth, shatter boundaries, and exhibit your captivating frightfulness to the world!

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