Marriage Counselling In Calgary

Marriage Counselling In Calgary: Reasons To Visit A Psychologist In Calgary

Life as a couple is not always a bed of roses, but a bump does not have to mean a definitive goodbye. More and more people go to a psychologist in Calgary to improve their marital life, thanks to marriage counselling in Calgary. 

Here, you will find tips to improve your relationship, a space to share doubts with psychologists via Calgary Therapy Services and get advice, and much more.

Everything you need to know about marriage counseling in Calgary.

Couples therapy or marriage counselling in Calgary involves addressing not only the difficulties but also what you can improve in a romantic relationship. When a couple has difficulties in their relationship, they can seek the help of a marriage or psychologist in Calgary to find out. What is wrong and how to address it healthily and effectively.

Many couples find it difficult to decide to go to marriage counseling therapy. The difficulty arises since this step involves admitting that things are not as perfect as they may seem at first glance. The stigma is that in Calgary, Therapy Services from the beginning is not a very common practice.

Luckily, marriage counselling in Calgary is increasingly gaining popularity in extreme cases and to solve small crises in the couple. 

Why a couples psychologist in Calgary?

As its name indicates, couples therapy or marriage therapy consists of a type of psychotherapy in which a therapist helps. The two members of a romantic relationship resolve their conflicts and improve their bond in each aspect. Often, the couples’s psychologist in Calgary tries to offer support in conflictive relationships to find a solution so the relationship can survive.

What is done in marriage counselling in Calgary?

Although, at first glance, we could imagine what couples therapy consists of, the reality is that the sessions are very different from each other. Since the marriage psychologist in Calgary establishes different psychological techniques depending on the relationship between the two members of the couple. 

In marriage counselling in Calgary, both couple members must commit to fighting for the relationship. Making joint efforts to implement the small changes agreed upon and worked on during the sessions.

Typically, marriage counsellinglasts approximately an hour and a half. They usually work together, but often alone with each person when needed. For this, either separate sessions are agreed upon, or during the same time of the session, an equal amount of time is allocated for each person.

In the sessions, some dynamics are established for couples therapy to facilitate the free expression of each person’s thoughts, emotions, needs, and desires, helping the other person to listen to and understand their partner. The latter can communicate and feel understood. In this process, the psychologist in Calgary acts as a mediator and translator so that both couple members feel understood and validated by the other.

The number of sessions necessary to resolve relationship problems varies depending on the couple. The type of problems, and the length of time the person has been living with those problems.

When should you see a psychologist in Calgary?

There is no specific reason you should go to couples therapy with a marriage or relationship psychologist in Calgary. Simply, if you feel something painful in your relationship and think a session with a specialist could be helpful, simply take the step. Even so, some of the main reasons why couples go to therapy are the following:

  • Keys to knowing when a relationship has no future (or should not)
  • Solve problems in relationships that are not progressing
  • Help for couples in crisis
  • Learn to communicate correctly with others
  • Dealing with infidelity
  • Detect harmful attitudes in the relationship
  • Problems derived from a grieving situation that has affected the relationship

What do the sessions with a psychologist in Calgary couples consist of?

There are some guidelines that any couples therapy psychologist normally follows.

  • Initial interview and evaluation: The marriage or couples psychologist in Calgary seeks to clarify the causes of the communicative. And emotional deterioration, investigating those factors that could favor or fuel the couple’s crisis. To do this, she will interview its members using group (couple and therapist) and individual. In this couple’s interview, we will try to clarify each point of view of the two members of the relationship.
  • Return interview: In this phase, the psychology of the couple is analyzed. The evaluation results are transmitted, and the objectives are set jointly (therapist and clients). Providing information about the most vulnerable areas to work on and the strengths or potentialities of the couple.
  • Intervention: The problems encountered are addressed, and guidelines are provided for the correct solution through techniques to improve the couple’s relationship. These must be carried out as a task outside the consultation. But the two members will have the help of certain therapeutic techniques to improve their confrontations, arguments, or quarrels.
  • Follow-up and completion consultations: As the therapeutic objectives of couples psychotherapy are achieved. The time intervals in which the couple is contacted increase until the therapy is completed. The approximate deadlines for final achievement vary in each specific case but are usually around 8-10 sessions on average. The time invested in couples therapy is finite (8-10 sessions). But the strategies learned become part of the person, so they will last forever.

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