Major Exams That Help You Fulfill Your Study Abroad Dream

Major Exams That Help You Fulfill Your Study Abroad Dream

Competitive exams are something that every student fears but have to pass. These are vital as they set a bar for students to qualify for abroad studies. Exams needed to get admission are sometimes different for every institution. These help universities judge students’ IQ, academics, and rational and analytical aspects. There are various general exams that students must clear to study abroad

Most students have the basic question of what to prepare and how to start. This dilemma is logical as clearing these exams is tough due to high competition. You can start by finding an expert consultancy firm which helps in every field. is one such platform that gives students free counselling and expert help. They focus on helping students with exams and giving several tips to excel.

Students must pass a series of exams and interviews before they enter their dream university. Let’s delve and see which exams are the most vital and how study abroad consultants help them.

Pursue These Exams and Get One Step Closer to Your Dream

Institutes have a long list of exams that they expect students to clear. This is to cross-check all the factors. This is the reason why studying abroad is not that easy. The universities also expect to enroll students who are well-qualified in all aspects. Apart from qualifications, other qualities, including personality, communication etc., also matter. There are various levels on which students are tested to study abroad. Let’s see them one by one.

English Skill Evaluation

This is something that every student generally hears and is vital to go abroad. But what exactly does it mean? As we all know that everyone faces language problems in a new country. Students must pass the English language tests to prove their skills. This helps them better connect with people in the country, making their stay easier. Whereas, if students know the native language of the country, it will be an extra benefit. Below are the two standard tests that every institute demands.


IELTS, or The International English Language Testing System, is a vital test for students who are looking to study abroad. Students are judged based on four criterias, i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. This is mandatory for students shifting to countries where English is the main language. As per the new rules, the students must get an overall band score of 6.0. Moreover, they are given the OSR or one-skill retake option. Through this, they can retake any one or more exams in which they think they can improve.


Many universities abroad accept the TOEFL iBT test, which checks a student’s language skills. IELTS and TOEFL judge on the same parameters, but the format of exams could vary. Passing these exams can help students gain scholarships as well as exciting jobs. The scores of TOEFL expire after two years; thus, students must keep giving these exams.

Prove Your Aptitude Skills

Aptitude test generally tests the skills needed for problem-solving, logical analysis and other numerical questions. These help students get learning in varied fields when it comes to jobs and interviews. It becomes easier for them to use their presence of mind and answer smartly. These tests help students a lot in improving their personality and related skills. The aptitude tests that students must pass for their study abroad goals include:


SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is the crucial aptitude exam accepted by major universities. It is a three-hour multiple choice test which includes students to read and solve. The exams focus on problem-solving and reading, and writing ability. The average SAT score is 1060, whereas the highest is 1600.


Also known as American College Testing works in several universities abroad. The ACT judges the students’ skills in four sections, namely Maths, Science, English and Reading. The students must complete it in 2h 55 minutes, with an extra time of 40 minutes for the writing section. The 40 minutes section is entirely optional. Students wishing to study abroad must score 30+ on their ACT. No university wants the perfect ACT scores, but students must aim for higher grades to increase their admission chances.

Vital Exams to Enrol in Courses

Searching for graduate and business programs in foreign universities requires students to pass several other tests. However, depending on their courses, students might have to pass some extra exams. Some of the main exams that students pass for business and graduate courses include:


The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a vital exam that every student going for graduate courses must pass. It is hard to clear, but with expert help, students can qualify and move ahead. The exam focuses on verbal, quantitative and analytical skills. The basic aim of this test is to check whether the students can study graduate programs. Thus, students must score above 318 to get into good colleges. A score of 329 is an impressive one.


The Graduate Management Admission Test is for students who want to study business programs, mostly MBA. This is one of the toughest exams for students choosing to study abroad. They must have scored 700-740 to qualify for this exam. Hence, students must provide their GMAT scores to be able to apply for several MBA programs.

Overall, we can say that the going abroad process is easier if you have experts helping you at every step. Our study abroad consultants working at ensure that students are ready to excel in the exams. They give guidance at each level, making them ready to face difficult interviews and jobs. We aim to shape careers by easing the processes and enhancing student satisfaction.

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