Mahindra 595 DI Turbo

Mahindra 595 DI Turbo HP Price, Specification, & Review – Tractorgyan

The Mahindra 595 DI Turbo is a robust 50 HP tractor designed to handle heavy-duty farming tasks efficiently. It features a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2523 CC and an engine RPM of 2100. With a PTO HP of 43.5 and 6 Spline / CRPTO PTO types, this tractor is compatible with various implements, making it versatile for different agricultural applications. The Mahindra 595 DI Turbo price ranges from Rs. 6.95 Lakh* to Rs. 7.40 Lakh* in India, making it an affordable choice considering its advanced features. The transmission system includes a Partial Constant Mesh Transmission/Sliding Mesh with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, allowing for smoother gear changes. The tractor’s maximum forward speed is 30.9 Kmph, and the maximum reverse speed is 11.9 Kmph. Key features of the Mahindra 595 DI Turbo include a water-cooled engine coolant to prevent overheating, a dry-type air filter for clean combustion, a highly responsive oil-immersed brake system, power steering for better control, and a 56-litre fuel tank for extended operation. The Mahindra 595 DI Turbo comes with a 2000-hour or 2-year warranty.

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