mahindra 265

Mahindra 265 price in india

A well-known name in the agricultural machinery sector, Mahindra is the manufacturer of the well-liked 265 tractor type. Because of its exceptional performance, adaptability, and dependability, farmers all around the world choose the Mahindra 265. It can easily tackle a variety of farming activities because of its powerful engine, which delivers excellent horsepower. The spacious operator station and robust structure of the Mahindra 265 guarantee a pleasurable work experience. It combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive controls for accurate operation and higher output. This tractor is great for a lot of things, such plowing, tilling, and transporting, because of its great traction and maneuverability. Regarding pricing, the Mahindra 265’s price could change depending on several variables, including region, extra amenities, and any applicable taxes or savings. The Mahindra 265 price ranges from about 5.80 lakhs to 6.10 lakhs as of September 2021, while prices are subject to change.

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