Let’s Talk About Petunias

Let’s Talk About Petunias!!

Is it possible to grow Petunia? 

Yes, absolutely! Petunias are simple to germinate from petunia seeds and also easy to grow from commercially generated ones. You can grow petunias wherever there is direct sunlight. The petunias are optimal for growing in the front of the flower border, in planters close by doorways and pools, and of course, on patios! Additionally, you can also tuck petunias to brighten the area in between the shrubs. Furthermore, you can also grow wave petunias as groundcovers, as they are likely to attract beautiful moths post dark; lots of homeowners plant petunias nearby landscape lighting located close by a window or patio where they can cherish the flowers and their guests during the night. While all kinds of petunias are apt for window boxes and planters, the double-flowered petunias are best utilized in containers instead of beds. Whereas cascading petunias are optimal for flower hanging baskets. No matter whatever the kinds of petunia seeds you have chosen make sure to plant 3 seedlings per 10-inch basket…

Should I Plant Petunia Seeds Or Plants?

To your knowledge, there are many different kinds of petunias available in the market. You can get petunia seeds from the local garden center or online. Moreover, if you don’t want the normal petunia, you can germinate petunias of various colors on your own. Keep in mind; growing seedlings is an art and it takes some additional knowledge and the right set of tools to produce a sturdy, healthy plant. Whether you know it or not, petunia seeds take too much time when it comes to germination. Therefore, begin spreading the seeds indoors to have seedlings ready before the warms planting weather arrives. In addition to this, petunias are very tiny in nature, so blend the seeds with some dry sand so they sprinkle evenly on the growing medium. Before the date of the last expected frost in your region, fill at least 2-inch deep peat pots with moist seeds starter mix or soilless potting mix. Once you are done with this, sow the seeds by pressuring them lightly and make sure they are in touch with the germinating medium. Do not cover the petunia seeds within the soil as they need enough sunlight to germinate. 

Petunia Growing Tips:

Spread around a 2- 3 inch layer of some organic fertilizers to mulch the soil near petunia seeds. Make use of chopped leaves, dried-out grass clippings, wood chips, or shredded barks items. Organic fertilizer help to suppress weeds; keeps the soil cool and moist by blocking evaporation, and enhances or improves its appearance as it gradually decomposed. 

As the flower fades away, eliminate the flowers in the box, pots. In the mid of the summer, when plants start to get excessively long, cut the stem by half to revitalize the petunia plants. 

We hope the above-mentioned pointers are enough to make you understand things about petunia. In case you still need more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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