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Learn These Crucial Things about Leather Upper Material

What is the upper of a shoe? It is the foot-covering part of a shoe. This part is also connected to the sole. As the name suggests, the leather upper is a leather material used to make the upper of a shoe. The most common materials used to make the leather upper are patent leather, full grain, Nubuck, and Suede.

What makes this material popular?

 offers excellent tensile strength. The tear strength of this material also deserves appreciation. It is a flexible choice with outstanding longevity. High elasticity provides great comfort for the wearer. Many renowned manufacturers use this material to make their products stylish. The price of the leather upper is slightly higher than the canvas. However, you can expect better longevity from this material. In fact, this material meets the quality standards and performance needs of leading footwear manufacturers.   

Upper leather does not make feet hot 

One of the arguments by critics is that leather upper material does not offer much-needed comfort. According to the critics, it promotes sweating and makes feet hot. This is an argument that does not hold any value. It is a fact that this material comes with water-resistant capabilities. It does not mean that leather uppers make your feet hot. They promote adequate air movement to provide great comfort for your feet.

High longevity

Are leather uppers a durable material? Shoe manufacturers always want to use durable materials to ensure supreme customer satisfaction. Some people say that upper leather is vulnerable to fading. Moreover, it cannot withstand daily wear and tear like other materials used to make shoes. This is false information. This type of leather undergoes tanning and other preservation techniques to provide high longevity. You can expect shoes made with this material to last more than 20 years. If you focus on proper care and maintenance, you can expect longevity up to 30 years. 

Stretchable material

Another allegation against leather uppers is that they are not stretchable. You must purchase the exact size to feel comfortable. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable. What is the truth? The upper leather is a stretchable material to a certain extent. In fact, you can stretch this leather easily to get your fee inside the shoes. There is no need to worry about purchasing the perfect size for supreme comfort.   

Trustworthy manufacturers offer the best materials

Reliable manufacturers offer top-quality upper leather offer superior materials to take quality and reliability to the next level. They also provide top-quality products like shoe lining, insole board, glitter leather, and many more for their customers.

Upper leather is one of the most popular shoe materials available today. This material is renowned for its durability, flexibility, comfort, and stretchability. Overall, this material delivers the best value for money and peace of mind.

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