Eicher 551 4wd Prima

Latest Eicher 551 4wd Prima G3 Price, Specification – Tractorgyan

The Eicher 551 4WD Prima G3 tractor, a top-selling model from Eicher. Boasting a robust 49 HP engine, this tractor is designed for uninterrupted performance, making it a favorite among farmers. The 4WD model features a wide wheelbase of 2054 mm, providing optimal stability and support during operations. With a lifting capacity of 2100 kg, the Eicher 551 4WD Prima G3 is a versatile machine suitable for various applications, not just on the farm but also on roads and construction sites. The 3-cylinder engine ensures outstanding performance, generating ample friction for efficient operations. Key features of the Eicher 551 4WD Prima G3 include a powerful engine, stylish design with headlamps and unique decals, a sturdy build using heavy-duty metal, Multi-disc oil-immersed brakes for safety, Power Steering for precise control, a 57-liter fuel tank for extended working hours, and a Dual Clutch for efficient power transmission.

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