Bachelor of Science IT colleges

Knowing about Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is commonly referred to as BSc IT. This undergraduate course is designed for students aspiring to learn more about information technology and make a mark in this particular field. 

Usually, the Bachelor of Science IT colleges in UP include different subjects and topics in the program related to software engineering, development, and testing. However, it includes other topics as well, such as:

·         Networking

·         Databases

·         Web design

·         Programming and

·         Computer systems.

A brief overview

Students take up this course in the IT colleges in UP hoping to perform a diverse range of tasks related to IT within the industry. This includes data storage and processing that are generated by the use of millions of electronic gadgets worldwide.

All the time, the prime objective is to ensure uplift data management locally and globally.

The skills learned

The BSc IT students typically acquire strong skills related to software testing, programming, and system analysis. Equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge this helps them to become a successful software developer.

Reasons to pursue BSc IT

There are a few good reasons for the popularity of the BSc IT program. Some of them are:

·         Greater job opportunities – Graduates can get jobs in different fields such as IT, biotechnology, space research, education, pharmacy, and environment management.

·         Scope for higher studies – You can pursue a Master’s degree after you complete the BSc IT program.

Requirements and eligibility

The basic requirement of taking up the BSc IT course is to have a fundamental knowledge of the concept and principles of Information Technology. This will further help you develop other necessary skills during the course, such as:

·         Critical thinking skills

·         Problem-solving skills and

·         Analytical skills.

You will be better off if you have project management skills as well.

Apart from that the course also needs you to be creative and resilient. You must be tech-savvy, software proficient, and willing to work in a team.

As for the eligibility to take up BSc IT, like most other programs, an applicant must pass the 10+2 level from a recognized board with 50% marks obtained in the 12th grade. The main subject requirements are physics, chemistry, and math.

The job categories and opportunities

You can get different types of jobs with a BSc IT degree. You may put in your application in the banking and finance industry, education industry, IT industry, pharmaceuticals industry, manufacturing industry, and even space research sector.

You will get jobs in different capacities such as:

·         IT support analyst – The primary job of an IT support analyst is to provide support and technical assistance to the users over the phone, social media platforms, through email, or in person.

·         IT consultant – If you work as an IT consultant, your job responsibility will be providing support and technical assistance as well. However, it will be related to developing and employing infrastructure and IT systems along with their maintenance.

·         Network engineer – The main job of a network engineer is to ensure the security of devices, data storage and protection strategy development, and disaster recovery.

·         Software developer – As a software developer you will design and develop software programs and solutions and implement them. You will also design websites and apps.

·         Quality assurance analyst – This is the person who tests the quality of the software and programs developed and their resilience to ensure better performance and functionality.


The meteorological and continual growth of the information and technology sector has increased the demand for this course among students. The extensive and detailed curriculum offered by the best colleges has widened the scope and career prospects of studying BSc IT.

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