John Deere 5310

John deere 5310 New Model HP, Specification – Tractorgyan

The John Deere 5310 (Trem III) is a highly respected 2-wheel drive (2WD) tractor with 55 HP, and it has earned its place as one of the most cherished and preferred choices among Indian farmers. It features a robust 3-cylinder engine, a versatile transmission with 9 forward and 3 reverse gears, and an impressive lifting capacity of 2000 kg, making it suitable for various soil conditions. This tractor serves as a complete solution for a wide range of agricultural needs, offering remarkable innovation and productivity, all wrapped in a distinctive design that ensures outstanding performance. What distinguishes the John Deere 5310 is its substantial backup torque, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty tasks, and the power steering feature that significantly boosts productivity. Moreover, it boasts self-adjusting and self-equalizing oil-immersed disc brakes, ensuring safety and minimal maintenance while keeping fuel consumption at an optimal level. Its exceptional transmission system, planetary gear reduction for robust transmission, and selective control valve make it excel in various applications, including tasks like mulching. The price of the John Deere 5310 falls in the range of Rs. 10.00 to 12.50 lakh*, offering a valuable investment considering the high-quality features and technology it provides.

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