Is it time to update an ERP software for your business?

Due to the faster emergence of technology in modern-day businesses, it has become essential to update accordingly. It is needless to say that every business needs reliable accounting software and applications. But over time, these systems need to be updated to advanced versions. But, with so many tools needed for an online business, it could be challenging to maintain them all concurrently. Therefore, it is good to install ERP software that has more features than QuickBooks and Shopify. This system is a set of software applications that can help manage your business with no glitches.

Why update the standardized QuickBooks app into ERP?

It is needless to state that QB is an accounting software for businesses. But it has the potency to work correctly for initial start-ups and small-sized businesses only. So, as your business grows, the processes of managing finances could become complex. Thus, it can outgrow the capabilities of QB software. Hence, it might not be able to provide complete traceability to your company’s accounting needs. Therefore, ERP by The GuruWay is a powerful alternative to QuickBooks and Shopify. ERP is undoubtedly an advanced solution that can control operations irrespective of increased transactions, shoppers, accounting, storing data, and reporting.

Choose the best ERP plan for your business

The ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software provides flexibility and integration with multiple business processes. Our ERP solutions at The GuruWay are designed to meet specific user needs as per business size. So, you can choose customizable software beyond QuickBooks and Shopify to serve your needs. We are offering ERP plans with varying ranges of features to be selected as per your business. For instance, you can pick one with limited features and can go with an advanced one with unlimited and custom features. The ERP system can serve you beyond the specifications of QB and Shopify. This single system can manage tasks such as:

  • Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Contacts storing
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing and tracking
  • Employees reporting
  • Business Dashboard
  • Staff training, and much more

Thus, an ordinary QB and Shopify system is really small in order to handle all these tasks in a single work domain. The ERP system can integrate various business aspects in one place. Consequently, it can evade the need to invest separately in software and tools for managing your business.

Cloud-integrated system for businesses

In addition to performing various functions, an ERP system can also work as a cloud-integrated tool for your business. It can monitor the activities of your business branches to monitor data at a single location. For instance, at the time of inventory tracking in stores, it can send alerts regarding specific stock items which are fewer in number. Also, the system works for safe contactless payments processing and storing data in the system. Thus, you can get reporting for transactions and can retrieve data from anywhere on your mobile. Thus, ERP is a powerful alternative to QuickBooks and Shopify which can help your business to have the right-track growth.

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