Is Barcelona a good place for international students?

Barcelona is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities which is full of exciting prospects as well as opportunities. Once you move here, you might not feel like leaving this city as there are 68 parks, 55 museums, 22 Michelin-starred restaurants, and 9 UNESCO-protected monuments. You can also come across different architectural gems and sandy golden beaches. It is also home to a fantastic cluster of innovative tech talent as well as innovative startups which make it a magnet for businesses. 

Why Barcelona is a good place for international students? 

Good universities: There are different good things about Barcelona, but when you are planning to move to Barcelona to study, you will look for some good universities to select from. Barcelona doesn’t disappoint you. There are 5 famous Barcelona universities where you can enroll yourself. The Autonomous University of Barcelona, The University of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University, Polytechnic University of Barcelona, and the University Ramon Llull are some of the best universities. You will probably find a top-level university that offers a suitable course in Barcelona. You can find different student accommodation Barcelona well-equipped with different amenities. 

Beautiful beaches: Barcelona is one of the beautiful places where you can find nearly five kilometers of golden beaches, most of which are located near the city center. The students at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra are located close to the coast. You can find large groups of students at the beach even during the examination periods. If you want to unwind, the beach is the right place. here you can play or enjoy a nice sangria. You will find many students at the beach relaxing. There are different great music festivals which are held on the beach during the summer. You can go with Sonar and Primavera.

Barcelona is inexpensive: When you are a student, money is really important. When you are contemplating the idea of moving abroad, you need to consider the cost of living. It is one of the most essential things that you need to take into account. Although the cost of living in Barcelona is more expensive than in other Spanish cities, it is still cheaper than places like New York. So, you can have an uncompromised life over here. how much you need to spend for accommodation essentially comes down to how much you are able to spend. You can compromise on different factors to make your living pocket-friendly. Students can rent a shared flat and save money rather than staying in a private apartment. If you live in a fairly central neighborhood, you should be able to get about on foot and save money. however, if you stay far, you find yourself wanting to hop on the metro or bus to make commuting hassle-free.

Experience great weather across the year: Another reason why you might find yourself way too much time beachside is the fact that Barcelona has lovely weather across the year. Even during the city’s coldest month, the temp just goes lower than nine degrees Celsius. So, you need to think twice before you pack the extra thick winter coat. 

Food is life: Like most other Spanish cities, eating is one of the most essential activities across the city. here you will come across some of Spain’s best cuisines. You can try out small eateries or larger restaurants. Some of the best dishes comprise a seafood dish similar to paella and allioli. Here you can try some delicious desserts like crema catalana which is quite similar to crème brulee. 

Everyone is welcome here: Despite millions of people visiting Barcelona, there is still a very relaxed and laid-back feel to the city. Barcelona is known for being a big international community and it offers warm welcomes to everyone from students to expats. There are many people who want to call Barcelona their home. One in five people who live here are from a different country thus making Barcelona a multicultural city. English is also widely spoken over here, so there is no doubt you will be able to make a friend or two here.

Soak in the culture: Barcelona’s distinctive culture brings tourists as well as visitors to the city from across the world. If you are studying at the University of Barcelona then you are in easy reach of the major attractions. Most of the visitors are fascinated by the city’s iconic architecture. You can go to the stunning Sagrada Familia church or the Park Guell. You can easily experience Catalan culture across the city and not just in the museums or galleries. One of the best ways to soak up the local culture is to attend the traditional Catalan festivals. Enjoy going to the Sant Jordi and Festes De La Merce. 

Have a nightlife: Barcelona is renowned across Europe as it has a dynamic nightlife. From restaurants to bars and nightclubs, you will be spoilt for choices over here. you can find different outdoor areas which you can explore with ease. Some of the top-notch areas for nights out are Port Olimpic, the Gothic Quarter as well and El Raval.

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