Innovative Applications of Large Format Tiles in Commercial Spaces: A Design Revolution


Your office or commercial space reflects the brand quality, and that’s why you need to specially curate it to create a good impression for everyone. So, if you want your space to be great in terms of functionality and aesthetics, consider using large format tiles. Be it a tiny space or a huge corporate office, you can easily elevate the ambience of your space by using large format tiles. To get good quality large format tiles, you can reach out to any reliable tile showroom in Gurugram. However, you should continue reading this blog to find some innovative ways to use these tiles and elevate your commercial space in all aspects. 

Understanding Large Format Tiles 

Large format tiles refer to the tiles that come in larger sizes compared to regular tiles. There is a specific industry standard size for these tiles. They are just larger than the regular tiles readily available in the market. To be more specific, you can spot tile sizes like 800×1200 mm, 800×1600 mm, and 1000×1000 mm in the market that you can use in both residential and commercial spaces. Like homes, commercial spaces and offices can also benefit by infusing large format tiles, thanks to their elegant look and durability. These tiles have been used in various architectural and design applications. They are commonly used for walls and floors in different areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, compact conference rooms, hallways, and outdoor spaces. 

The Grandeur of Going Big 

Large format tiles are known for their ability to provide maximum coverage with minimal grout lines, creating a seamless and modern look. Whether you use them on floors, walls, or counters, you can create a smooth and continuous backdrop to make the space look more unified and uninterrupted. As they are larger and need fewer grout lines, they can create an illusion of larger spaces, making them an ideal choice for small spaces. Moreover, since commercial spaces have huge traffic and people walk around with shoes on, it can be troublesome to maintain the beauty of the flooring. But if you use large format tiles from a reputed tile showroom in Gurugram that come with robust bodies, you can ensure the longevity and resilience of the flooring in your commercial space. 

Innovative Applications of Large Format Tiles 

Grand Entrance Ways

Get ready to make a long-lasting impression on your customers, clients, or employees by using large format tiles in your entryway. You can opt for tile designs with captivating patterns, making the hallway appear sophisticated and welcoming to guests. Plus, by using elegant large format tiles, you can further make your entryway look grand and stand out from the rest of the space. 

Feature Wall Focal Point

Just like living rooms and bedrooms, you can also create a stunning feature wall in your large hotel lobby or hospital waiting area that becomes a focal point of the space. You can transform any mundane or dull wall into a visually interesting wall by using oversized tiles. Whether you want to add a bold colour or get a textured finish look to add depth and dimension to your space, there are several oversized tile options available in any reputed tile shop near you. You can beautifully make use of large format tiles to introduce an element of surprise while elevating the overall space decor. 

Mixed Material Dynamics

Another interesting way to use large format tiles in any commercial space is by combining them with other materials such as metal or glass. With this combination, you can elevate your space design while adding layers to it. Thanks to the interplay of textures, the dimension and visual interest of your space automatically elevate and make it appear more dynamic and attractive. 

Monochrome Simplicity

If you want to infuse a timeless yet modern look in your commercial space, you should consider using large format tiles of a single tone. A single colour makes the space appear sleek and contemporary while offering a sophisticated vibe. For this look in your office, clinic, or hotel, you can experiment with neutral tones such as beige, grey, and white to infuse elegance into the space effortlessly. 

Statement Spaces

Go for large format tiles with intricate designs to enhance the visual impact of your flooring. You can opt for pattern floor tiles of large sizes from any reputed floor tile shop to turn your floor space into a piece of art. Also, you can choose large tiles with bold geometric designs and eye-catching intricate motifs for your walls if you have large wall spaces. By infusing intricate designs, you can easily elevate the overall aesthetics of your office, clinic, or other business-oriented spaces that will have good impressions on your clients. 

Open-Concept Harmony

Try breaking the visual barriers in your large commercial space by using large format tiles and creating openness and flow. Whether it is the reception area flowing into the lobby or the office pantry connected with the hallway, the continuity of large format tiles elevates the sense of unity and the visual appeal of the space. You can find a variety of large format tiles in any good nearby floor tile shop that you can use to establish open-concept harmony in your commercial space. 


These are just a few ideas that you can explore when it comes to leveraging the versatility of large format tiles in commercial spaces. If you want to give your space unique and innovative decor, you need to explore, experiment, and unleash your creativity. To explore a vast collection of large format tiles, you ought to visit a trusted tile showroom in Gurugram such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique and find a long-lasting surface solution for your commercial space.

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