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In-depth Guide to Find Home for Rent in Bangalore on a Budget

Renting an apartment in Silicon Valley is not a tough chore. From luxurious furnished flats to small homes with basic amenities, there are umpteen choices to find an ideal residence in the IT hub.

However, the demand for rented homes is skyrocketing in the post-pandemic era, especially among people relocating to the city for academic and career prospects.

It is just a matter of choosing the best option that meets your requirements, budget, and amenities in the preferred location. Dive in to find out more on how to find an affordable house for rent in Bangalore here.

How to Find Rental Properties in Bangalore

Nowadays, you don’t have to rely on acquaintances to find an apartment for rent. There are several resources to find properties and contact landlords: 


There are a few reliable property brokers and agents in the city. Working with a broker can be risky unless you know the person well. You may end up losing a hefty amount in brokerage fees. Please check if the Broker/Agent is RERA registered.

Finding an agent through a friend can be helpful. You may find multiple options and honest advice from the person. There are extra costs involved in the process- brokerage fees, property viewing costs, etc.

Newspaper Classifieds

You may get a few options in the property ads section. Finding an option in your preferred location is a matter of chance. The space is limited, so you won’t get much info before contacting the landlord. 

Facebook Groups

It takes a few seconds to come by a group for rental property on Facebook as long as you know the appropriate search terms- ‘rent flats without brokers in Bangalore’, ‘house for rent in Bangalore’, etc.

With various issues emerging in the limelight, the trustworthiness of social media sources is a matter of consideration. Relying on an unknown person can put tenants in jeopardy.

Property Websites

Today landlords prefer advertising their luxury flats for rent in Bangalore on popular property websites. There are several advertising sites to find a flat and contact the landlord.

Finding a home on through property websites offers certain benefits:

  • Price calculator tool to compare rates

  • See photos of the rooms, surrounding areas, etc.

  • Get complete information

  • Check amenities and facilities

Browsing through a long list online can be a time-consuming process. It comes with certain downsides. You must accomplish everything alone- visiting the property, completing the paperwork, etc. This can be a problem for novice tenants, students, and working professionals.

Rental Property Management

Rental property management companies work with landlords and tenants to offer a comprehensive solution. A property manager reduces the burden of tenants from day one. From helping the client find the desired property to dispute management with the landlord during the stay, these professionals offer high-end services.

Cheapest is Often Not the Suitable Option

Often people arriving in the city in search of opportunities look for the cheapest apartments for rent in Bangalore. However, rushing through the legal formalities to get the home with the lowest monthly rental is not the ideal choice. If you are new in the city, here are some considerations before choosing a house to rent:

  • Is the locality safe for residents?

  • Check the property and amenities on offer

  • Visit the home/flat for close monitoring before signing the agreement

  • Read the documents carefully before signing

  • Is the rent amount inclusive of maintenance costs, brokerage fees, vehicle parking, and other charges?

  • Are there any hidden costs?


Do you need help finding a rental property in Bangalore?

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