Improving Engagement With Audio Solutions From Witlingo

Most people believe that only visual content is doing good in today’s time. But this is not the complete truth. Audio content has also become quite popular because it provides you with an engaging way to connect with your audience. One company that has been working for audio marketing is Witlingo. It is helping businesses make the best use of audio for increased engagement and improved SEO.


Witlingo understands that the preferences of consumers keep changing from time to time. So, this platform helps create microcasts, which is a short form of podcasts that lasts about one to five minutes and is published a few times a week. This is quite efficient as it helps with the modern digital world, where everyone wants to check out content that is not too long.

Improving SEO with podcast platforms

When you publish microcasts on podcast platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, etc, you can use it for improving SEO. You can include links to some website pages in the descriptions of the episode, and this will help your business build strong linkbacks. Voice and audio for SEO will help improve the ranking of your website and can also help you go ahead of traditional SEO. You can tap into the audience base that checks out content on podcast platforms with the help of Witlingo.

Keyboard optimization

Choosing the right keyword is also crucial when going for microcasts. Witlingo helps you pick the keywords that will be suitable for including in the descriptions of the microcast episode as this can be a great SEO trick. When users search on the podcast platforms for topics that may be related to the services of your company, these episodes will appear and this will help get more traffic for the website of your business.

Increased dwell time

Whenever a visitor visits your website, you would want them to spend more time on it as it helps you make sure that they check out everything that you have to offer. So, Witlingo understands the importance of including audio on the webpage as it can help increase this duration. Users will stay around 27% longer on pages that have audio or video content. So, the bounce rates will decrease and the overall SEO performance of your business will also improve.

If you are planning on going for audio SEO techniques, you should connect with a reputable platform like Witlingo, as they can easily help you in the best way possible.

To learn more about audio for SEO, visit https://witlingo.com/

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