If American Airlines changes your schedule, here’s how to get a refund

When you are traveling, it is good to get prepared for any changed plans. Reasons for flight schedule changes by American Airlines can be bad weather or anything else. However, American Airlines provides a refund in certain circumstances. 

When Do You Get a Refund for American Airlines Change Flight Schedule?

There are many airlines that adopt new guidelines for delayed time by the airlines. American Airlines, too, has got new norms regarding this. 

Many airlines adopted new guidelines for the length of time of a delay before a customer can qualify for a refund. American Airlines is also one of those flight carriers. Here’s what you should know about the new American Airlines Change Flight Schedule. 

Four-hour delay: If AA changes your itinerary in a way that leads to an increase in your travel time by four hours or more, you get a refund from the airline if you cancel your flight. 

90 minutes delay at the airport: If you are at the airport and get the flight delayed by 90 minutes, & you decide to cancel the trip, you get a refund from the airline. However, you won’t get a refund for a rental car, hotel, or alternative flight to the final destination. 

Reject unreasonable changes: It is not mandatory for a passenger to accept an itinerary change. Irrespective of the number of hours, a schedule change is there. If you get unreasonable components, such as a connection between two airports that are miles apart, you can reject it and get a refund.

Canceled flight refund: If AA cancels your flight under any circumstances, it owes a refund to you. 

How to Get a Refund from the American Airlines?

The process of refund depends upon when you booked the flight and when it was canceled. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours, you get an automatic refund for a flight purchased 48 hours before the departure. The airline will refund the value of your ticket, deducting the amount of the service charge in case you cancel a ticket due to American Airlines Reschedule Flight.

Beyond the 24-hour window, you need to go through a few steps to get a refund. You can call the airline or make a refund request online. 

  • Visit the prefunds.aa.com 
  • To continue, click on the Refunds button.
  • Enter the passenger details 
  • Click on Submit button

You can get a refund back within 7 days if the booking is made using a credit card. In case you don’t receive a refund, you can check the status of your request or call the airline.


Making an American Airlines refund request doesn’t have to be difficult with the appropriate preparation. The ability to request a refund on your subsequent flight can give you more flexibility if travel plans and constraints continue to change daily.

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