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IELTS exam is one of the best and easiest ways for a student to get admission to a foreign college. The exam tests the ability of a student to listen, speak, write and communicate in English. It is a way to judge the proficiency of a student in the English language and his ability to adjust to an English-speaking country. Also, it is not hard to score well in the IELTS exam. Students can also prepare for the exam in just a week at home. They should have the proper study plan that they must follow to get the best results. Moreover, they should also connect with experts like consultants for test preparation in Gurgaon to seek help. They have the required experience and knowledge to guide students to score well in the IELTS exam.

7 Day Plan to Prepare for the IELTS Exam at Home

Preparing for the IELTS exam is not as difficult as it may seem. All it needs to score well on the test is a strategy to prepare for the exam. Experts have given a seven day plan to study for the IELTS exam. Each portion of the test is divided into the schedule mentioned below. Therefore, students should follow these steps consistently to get the best results!

Day 1: Familiarise Yourself with the Syllabus

First and foremost, you should familiarise yourself with the syllabus of the IELTS exam. On the first day of test preparation, a student should thoroughly go through the syllabus of the exam. Students need to understand the concept and syllabus of the exam before starting with the preparation. Students can learn about the details and syllabus of the exam through the official website of the exam. 

They can also connect with experts for test preparation in Gurgaon to get guidance. Once a student gets familiarised with the syllabus and exam pattern, it becomes easier to make the study plan and divide the syllabus accordingly.

Day 2: Start with the Reading Section

Day 2 is the day you start with the preparation of the IELTS exam. It is vital for students to first understand the pattern and syllabus of the exam. After that, they can start with the preparation. Experts advise students to choose the reading section to begin with the preparation. The reading section of the IELTS exam. 

The Reading Test of the IELTS exam requires three types of reading skills: skimming, scanning and detailed reading. These are the three ways in which the examiner judges a candidate appearing for the IELTS exam.

Students have 60 minutes to attempt the reading test, comprising 40 questions. So, you should devote your day 2 of IELTS preparation at home to the reading test and practice the three reading skills mentioned above.

Day 3: Focus on the Writing Section

The writing section of the IELTS exam tests 3 things :  your grammar, vocabulary and how you respond to questions in English. Students should devote day 3 of their preparation at home to the writing section of the test. The writing section has two types of questions. The first one is to summarise or explain some information given in the form of a graph, table or any other pictorial representation. On the other hand, the second type of question asks a candidate to write an essay on any given topic.

The best way for students to prepare for this test is by practising writing answers. Also, students should try to work on the quality of their content and speed to score well on the test. They should write about trending topics like media, education, sports, etc. Moreover, they can also connect with experts through Gradding.com for IELTS test preparation in Gurgaon.

Day 4: Work on the Listening Section

On day 4 of your IELTS test preparation, you should focus on the listening section of the test. The listening section of the test is divided into four sections. Each section of the listening test has an audio that could be a conversation between two people or a single person speaking. Students must note that they cannot replay the audio and can only hear it once. After listening to each audio, they are asked ten questions about the same to test their listening skills. 

To prepare for this section, students should focus on increasing their skills in understanding the English language through audio. It is easy to prepare for this test. Students should listen to English music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc., to master their English listening skills. Moreover, they can also watch informative English TV series and movies to get the best results.

Day 5: Prepare for the Speaking Section

Then comes day 5 of IELTS test preparation at home. On this day, students should focus on preparing for the speaking section of the test. As the name sounds, this part of the exam tests the fluency of the candidate while speaking in English. The speaking test is divided into three rounds. In the first round, the examiner asks the candidate a few generic questions. A candidate should be able to talk about themselves, their hobbies, family and other personal details. 

In the next round, the examiner gives the candidate a topic. The candidate has to speak on that particular topic for a given period. Then, in the last round, the examiner asks further questions to the candidate about that topic. Students should be able to communicate in English to clear this test. Therefore, on day 5 of your IELTS test preparation, you should practice speaking and communicating with people in English.

Day 6: Attempt Various Practice Tests

On day 6 of your IELTS test preparation, you should start attempting the practice tests! As you have already been given a day to prepare for each section of the test, you can now attempt the practice paper. You should attempt the test in the format: 60 minutes for the Writing Section, 60 minutes for the Reading Section, 30 minutes for the Listening Section, and 14 minutes for the Speaking Section. In this way, you will know which part of the test you can attempt easily. Also, this will enable you to analyse your mistakes and prepare well for the test.

Moreover, attempting practice tests will enable you to realise the parts where you lack preparation. Students can easily find the mock tests for the IELTS exam. They can also connect with experts for test preparation in Gurgaon to find practice tests for preparing for the exam.

Day 7: Focus on the Weaker Sections 

Then comes the final day for preparing for the IELTS exam! On day 7 of your preparation, you should not focus on any particular section but on  your overall test. Students should avoid learning new information or concepts a day before the test. The last day of preparation is to analyse your mistakes and work on them. Students should ensure that they analyse the mistakes that they have made in the practice test. They should check which parts of the tests they have attempted in the wrong way and try to rectify those mistakes.

Moreover, they should avoid pressuring themselves too much a day before the test. Students should be confident and know they have prepared well for the test to get the best results. They should also connect with experts providing many services like finance assistance for study abroad in Gurgaon to make everything easier.

Words to Conclude

These are a few tips you can follow to prepare for the IELTS exam at home. Students should follow this seven-day guide and work hard to score well in the exam. Experts have made this schedule and decided on the syllabus after careful consideration. Moreover, many students have prepared for the IELTS exam by using this technique, and it has been really helpful. Students should consult agents providing study abroad services to get help. They can guide the students in the best way possible. They also provide other services like finance assistance for study abroad in GurgaonAlso, students should know it is vital to be relaxed and calm before appearing for any exam. Therefore, they should approach the exam with a healthy and happy mindset.

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