How to Write LOR with Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi?

How to Write LOR with Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi?

Every year, colleges receive thousands of applications and letters of recommendation, but a unique LOR will help you stand out. The best LOR contains the details about a person’s life formally. While writing a LOR, you need a person who can talk about their achievements on behalf of them. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi can help you in making one, and it will also reduce the chances of rejection.

If you want to write it by yourself to save time, this article is for you. Writing a letter of recommendation is difficult because finding a person who can write it in a way that defines you in a good way is tough. It must be formal and to the point. It helps during the application process, in the selection, and in getting the scholarship. The guide below suggests how to write LOR for a student wanting to study abroad.

Key Tips for Writing a Strong LOR

Different colleges require different LORs, so create them as per the guidelines and the culture of the college. If you are serious about getting into your dream college, tailor it, as per the requirements. It must not be longer than a page. You have to be specific about your needs and goals because the officers judge you, based on a LOR and see whether you are fit for the course or not. If you are fit and your LOR is impressive, you may also get grants. 

LOR must have all the relevant information, no exaggeration! The Delhi-based study abroad consultants may guide you to write about the details required, about you as a person, and your strengths and weaknesses witnessed by the referrer. If you want to write it on your own, read the tips to tailor it as per needs:

Keep It Formal

A LOR is like a formal communication between you and the college. Write it in formal yet simple words, that interest the admission officer. Write it like you are sending an email to a professional. It must contain all the skills and qualifications you have. 

The best study abroad consultants in Delhi help you write a perfect and specific LOR based on your needs and the college you opt for. For multiple colleges, you require different LORs. They will write it for you, following the guidelines. 

Relationship with the Referrer

It is vital to mention the relationship you share with the referrer to let them know the basic information like, “how you met?”, “Why did you choose them to write an LOR for you?” etc. By giving these details, you make the admission officer trust you. A small introduction about the referrer will increase the chances of getting an admission you are justifying how the person you select is qualified to write a letter of recommendation. Also, mention what quality of yours, impresses most to them. A referrer must mention all about your achievements and your strengths and weaknesses.  

Include Qualifications and Work Experience

While writing a LOR, what interests the officer is your qualifications and work experience. If you have an impressive background and present it in the best way possible, you will surely get admission. Your language, tone, achievements, everything matters while you apply for college.

To save effort in writing and increase the chances of selection in the process, get help from the best study abroad consultants in DelhiThus, they will ensure you write a perfect LOR and mention everything required. 

State the Facts

Do not try to over-hype. It will only land you in trouble because it may impress the officer, but it also sets high expectations, which may later cause a problem. It must be relevant and based on facts, and fabrication will do no good. Do mention the specific projects, internships and volunteer work you have worked on till date.

If you get help from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, they will explain the rules to follow for writing a LOR. The more facts you add, the more chances there are of getting selected in the process. 

Third Person Perspective

Write it from a third person’s point of view to mention your observations about the other person. They know some basic details about you, but mentioning everything else is your responsibility. The writer’s view about you and your academic journey is vital to highlight. A good LOR will increase your chances of getting the admission.

You can also ask for help from thebest study abroad consultants in Delhi to write a LOR on your behalf. They know the rules and word limit to frame a perfect LOR. 

Follow the Guidelines

Follow the guidelines set for creating a perfect letter of recommendation. Every college has rules, so prepare it as per the requirements. Do not copy-paste the same LOR for different colleges. Check the criteria and prepare accordingly. Try not to mention your grades or the score of your English proficiency test. Mention the qualities and projects you did during your academic journey, which will showcase a positive aspect of you.

Personalized LOR

A LOR is a document which shows your academic journey from a third-person perspective. It is not your general introduction. Be precise and write about your personality, skills and qualities to make it impressive. Some colleges prefer 2-3 letters of recommendation, drafted personally.

If you are still confused about “how to write?” and “what to mention?” directly go to the best study abroad consultants in Delhito clear your doubts and get a perfect LOR to start an epic journey.


A letter of recommendation is a formal document you attach along with your application to showcase your qualities and personality from a referrer. The individual writing your LOR must be a professional who has seen you grow and knows all the qualities you attain. Write about “why you are a good fit” for the college. Most colleges prefer it on official letterhead. LOR must be unique, and no repetition of the details, that are already mentioned in your SOP and resume.

The Delhi-based study abroad consultants will help you draft a suitable LOR, which will talk about your personal qualities. It includes the kind of work you deliver, your behaviour towards co-workers, and the company you worked in, or the institute you studied in. Everything must be mentioned positively.

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