How to write Content Suitable for UAE Audience?

Write and publish good content, including multimedia:

The texts you write on web pages are important to define the quality of the page. And to improve your positioning in Google. Inserting information relevant to the search intent and of good quality is one of the important factors for the positioning of a site.

Optimizing a page must maintain balance: pay attention to what you mention and how you write. Most importantly, also consider the need to add images and videos.

People are not only looking for textual information but also photos, tables, multimedia content, resource lists and coherently organized information.

Use lightweight, SEO-optimized images:

Often web pages with excellent images, in general with good multimedia content, rank well on Google because they satisfy the public. But remember that you must follow the main rules of image SEO optimization.

For example, you must insert the keyword in the alt attribute and in the file name. Avoid excessive keywords. Remember that it is useful to add alternative text in all images on the site. And compress them before uploading in order to lighten the page they are on. Better to use the WebP format which is lighter and less demanding.

Use the right keywords in the body of the web page:

The keywords in the text must be contextualized (therefore not placed haphazardly) and used naturally, without forcing. Never again talk about keyword density and the relationship between keyword and page text: this is the starting point.

To position me on Google for a query, do I have to enter the keyword? The relevance of a document to a topic also depends on whether the topic is cited.

Google is able to go beyond this point, but the presence of keywords that revolve around the topic you are interested in can be the basis of good online writing. Don’t focus on repeating the keyword, it doesn’t help your positioning.

This must be a natural process in web copywriting. You don’t have to do it because Google tells you to but out of love for quality writing. That writing that invites you to use the dictionary of synonyms and antonyms to write better on the web.

You must be a brilliant conversationalist. Use SEO tools for copywriters to understand what people want and expand the document to touch on points that are useful to people. And not your eagerness to write long content to lengthen the story.

Organize H2, H3 and other headers well on the page:

Having keywords in the H2, H3 and H4 tags is a way to communicate to Google the most important topics of the document and position yourself on Google. In his speech, John Mueller underlined that these tags help to understand the structure of the internet page.

It’s a clear transition. Through good use of headers I can make people understand the topics I have decided to address. And the same goes for Google which gives relevance to whether there is greater or lesser importance to these textual elements. Click Here for SEO Company in UAE

What to do to optimize them? Use natural writing by identifying the topics to explore in depth with HTML headings through keyword research work with Seozoom, Ahref, Semrush and Ubersuggest, to be unraveled through a document on Coggle that allows you to clarify the writing of the types of posts on a company blog.

Add HTTPS which is a ranking factor on Google:

The relationship between search engine positioning and the presence of the SSL certificate is now also clear. Google wants a secure web and the presence of HTTPS can help, to a small extent, your website maintain good SEO positions on the search engine.

Always take care of the loading speed of the resource:

Speeding up a site is now an imperative. To meet the needs of users, and to meet one of the SEO positioning factors imposed by Google. With Page Speed ​​Updates it has become essential to improve web pages. Contact us for DUBAI SEO RANKING

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