How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 5200?

Canon is a top printing brand that offers top-notch printer devices. Their printers multitask and can be used for various purposes, such as business and home. However, college and school students depend on printing devices to complete their projects quickly. But sometimes, unexpected errors occur when you install or update your Canon printer. In addition to printer errors, unexpected errors like the 5200 error can occur at any time while using it.

5200 Error is the most common issue in various Canon printer models, including the PIXMA series. Hence, this complete guide will give you 4 methods to troubleshoot your Canon printer error 5200Let’s dive into this further to understand why these errors occur and how to solve them.

What is Error 5200 on the Canon Printer?

Canon describes this 5200 error by stating: “A service error has occurred.” In other words, the error occurred due to the faulty cartridge, low ink levels, and faulty logic board. Sometimes, solving this error is not easy; hence, users need a printer expert to resolve this 5200 error. But still, you can try various troubleshooting methods we will discuss later in this post. For now, let’s look at the reasons causing the Canon printer error 5200.

Why Does Error 5200 Occur on Canon Printers?

Now, what is causing this 5200 error in Canon printers? There are various reasons for this error 5200. However, Canon suggests turning off the device and opening the cover to check if any foreign objects have entered the printer. While checking this, you must also ensure the area where these foreign objects should not be. Additionally, you will need to check for both white polystyrene and orange protective tape.

Let us see two causes causing these printer errors:

Faulty Cartridges

But generally, it is seen that the Canon printer error 5200 is associated with the printer’s ink cartridges. In contrast, the common causes are faulty, incorrect installation, and empty cartridges.

Faulty Circuit (Logic) Board

There is also a chance that your faulty circuit board is causing the error 5200. And this logic circuit board is the main heart of the printer that controls the printer.

Furthermore, let’s see how to troubleshoot the error 5200 for Canon printers.

4 Easy Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200

Here are the four troubleshooting methods to resolve printer error 5200. You can follow any of the methods given below. If errors persist, then you can proceed with another method.

Here are the four troubleshooting methods that you can try to fix the error 5200 in Canon printers:

Method 1: Turn Off Your Printer and Then On

Before you try another method, let us understand why turning off the printer and on again can help you resolve this Canon printer error 5200Let us see how it is done:

  1. Turn off the printer by pressing the Power button.
  2. Then, disconnect the power supply.
  3. Keep the printer disconnected for a while before reconnecting and turning it on again.
  4. Check if you still have the same Canon printer error 5200.
  5. You can also do print testing to ensure the functionality of the Canon printer.

The Canon 5200 error is associated with the level of ink present in the cartridges. Therefore, turning it off and on again can help the printer reset its mechanism that reads the ink levels.

Method 2: Check the Ink Cartridge

If that still doesn’t work, then don’t worry.

You can check the level of the ink present in the printer’s cartridges. If one out of four cartridges is running low, you can replace them with a new cartridge. However, this troubleshooter is the most common way to fix the Canon printer error 5200.

Moreover, you receive a warning if your cartridge is running low, and it also depends on the model of the Canon printer. In addition, users can check the ink level in the cartridge via printer. For this, there is a relevant Canon software that you can use on your computer to check.

If you don’t receive any warning, you can try printing a test page. Doing this test will ensure whether there are any faulty cartridges in the printer.

Method 3: Clean Print Head

There is another method to resolve Canon printer error 5200, i.e., cleaning the print head. To clean the printhead, you can simply navigate to Settings (gear icon) on the printer. Then, select Maintenance and Cleaning.

However, the process may take a little longer. You can repeat the cleaning cycle until the Canon error 5200 is resolved. Besides, you can use Canon software on the computer under the Maintenance tab.

Method 4: Canon Printer Resetting

If troubleshooting 3 was not helpful for you. Then, you can try resetting your printer in order to return to its default settings. However, the steps for resetting your Canon printer depend on the model you are using.

To reset, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Hit the On button to turn off your Canon printer.
  2. Press and hold the Stop and On buttons simultaneously.
  3. Hold the On button and leave the Stop button after pressing it for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Then, press the Stop button 5 times for 2 seconds, and don’t release the On button while doing this.
  5. Now, leave all the buttons. You will notice the display will go blank, and the On button will start blinking.
  6. Once the blinking stops, you can press the On button to turn on the printer.

Now, you are ready to go. We hope that any of the above methods were helpful to you.


The Canon printer works perfectly when it is handled with care, but sometimes, due to some reasons, a foreign object enters the printer that causes the error 5200. Besides, we discussed the reasons causing the Canon printer error 5200. Also, we have explored how you can resolve these printer errors with four easy troubleshooting methods. Even if it doesn’t resolve the error, you can replace the printhead or contact the Canon service center for maintenance and repair.


Question 1: What does code 5200 on a Canon printer mean?

Answer: The code 5200 represents the Canon printer error 5200 due to faulty logic boards and cartridges. This issue is mainly related to the ink level present in your printer cartridges. For example, if the cartridge is empty and running low, then it might cause the printer error 5200.

Question 2: What is error 5200 on Canon MG3150?

Answer: The Canon MG3150 printer shows error 5200 error when faulty cartridges are in your Canon printers. Besides, the other causes are the faulty logic board (circuit) in the printer that can impact the performance. However, these reasons impact the Canon printer error 5200. To solve the error, you can reach out to Canon customer support.

Question 3: How to fix the error 5200 for the Canon printer?

Answer: To resolve this error, you can follow the following steps:

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