How to start a business that will be successful

To start a business is one thing and for the business to be successful is another different things, today i will show you How to start a business that will be successful, if you follow everything i will teach you in this content you are on your way to success with your business and i am very sure of what i am saying because this is what many successful business knows and took action about it that why they are successful the way they are today and will continue to be successful just because of what am about to share in this content today, many people pay a lot of money to get information like this but i am giving it out for free.

Reasons most people will not start business

Most of the reason why some people don’t want to start a business is because they are afraid that they will fail, business is too risky, they don’t have enough funds and other things so because of that they will not start a business, but today this content is going to be your guide in helping you to eliminate fear and all other things that will not make you to start a business, so you can start a business that will be successful.

Why most people start business

Most people start a business carelessly just because they see people doing business so they feel like since other people are making money i also can make money from business and immediately they go and create a copy cat of other people’s business and before you know it they crash and they start to get angry and say stupid things about business and they start putting fears in others i have come to tell you to fear no more.

Requirement to start a business that will be successful

1. You need a good and unique ideas

Ideas is the first place every business starts from, if you don’t have an idea then you don’t have a business, Before bill gates start Microsoft the first thing he had was an idea of Microsoft even in the holy bible before God started creating he had an idea of what he wanted and the idea was in his mind and while creating he started calling those things that were not as though they were because he had the idea of what he was building, i am not trying to be religious but that is the fact it all start with an idea Thomas Edison had an idea, Isaac Newton had an idea all great entrepreneurs started with having an idea.

Your ideas must be good

you need good and unique ideas when i said you need to have an ideas i don’t mean any idea i mean a good and unique idea i know that now they are many businesses out there and you might be thinking that all business has been taken, that thought is a lie there are a lot of ideas that most people have not thought of if you can settle down and think of ideas you will eventually find one.

How to find ideas

1. by asking

You can ask for ideas on which business to start you can ask friends, family, mentors and others close to you you be shocked to find out that they are people with ideas but there can not use it.

2. by buying

There are people that have ideas but they will not give it to you for free you will have to buy it from them you can buy ideas from people by asking them if they have a good idea that they will give to you and you will pay them in return for their ideas or you can look for people who have executed their ideas and can not carry on with it or that need money just like the way youtube was bought from three young teenager’s with brilliant ideas.

3. by brainstorming

brainstorming ideas is not easy it takes a lot of time and research but some times it just comes suddenly like Issac Newton under an apple tree and all of a sudden an apple feel and he got an idea about gravity, ideas comes in different ways.

2. Funding

after having an idea of what to do you need to check if you have enough funds to carry out or execute your ideas, if you don’t have enough funds it is advisable to wait until you have enough funds or you need to look for funds, it is statically proven that money is the number one factor that makes people to fail in business i remembered when i started my first business i thought it was all about starting a business but little did i know that without enough funding i will soon be out of business not because i wanted to but because there was not enough funds to keep on with the business i later stopped the business because there was no funds.

How to get funds

1. ask friends and family

You can always ask friends and family to support you when i started cozamto at first i paid everything by my self but the second year when my hosting and domain name expired it was my loving brother that supported me and paid everything for me.

2. meet investors

You can always meet investors to investing your business and you will give them a percentage of the business depending on your agreement with the investors you meet

3. work to get paid

Get a job you need a job so you can support your business

4. IPO

IPO means Initial Public Offering when you are first starting your company you can ask for IPO so any body that wants to come and invest in your business the door is open that is what IPO means. 

5. borrowing money

Borrowing money you can borrow money from the bank or from other people that are able to lend you the money you are looking for and you can pay them with interest when returning the money.

3. does the market need what you have

Does the market need your business if the market does not need your business you should not start it because you will end up closing the business in frustration, but there are some times when the market does not need your business because they don’t know the problem your business is solving in a situation like this you will have to educate the market on the importance of your business and you will really spend a lot of money educating people so when they know the value of your products they can start making use of your products or services, always remember that business is all about solving problems if your business is not solving any problem then it is automatically disqualified bill gross explain more on the reason why startup fail.

How to know if the market need what you have

1. ask people to test your products or services

this is the first thing to do you need to ask people to help you test your products or services and give you honest reviews on what they think about your products or services.

2. Do research

Make a lot of research about the market and see if there is any products or services similar to yours and how does it perform in the market.

4. planning and execution

planning and execution is also very important if you want to start a business that will be successful, it is said that “if you don’t plan to succeed then you are automatically planning to fail” your business needs to have a good plan without a good business plan no investor would want to invest in your business, you need to settle down and take time to plan very well.

what to plan for

1. how to raise funds

2. how to get more people to use our services or buy our products

3. how to make profit

4. how big do you want the business to be

they are lot more attach to planning your business you can make more research on business planning.


Finally after learning and implementing all this Requirement to start a business that will be successful you need to know that sometimes you need to be patient because great things don’t happen overnight, and also work very hard great things are not for lazy people so be persistent, consistent, disciplined and you will eventually be successful that i can guarantee you.

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